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People who are trying to quit drinking who smoke marijuana as a substitute for alcohol are said to be on the Marijuana Maintenance Program. They argue that smoking pot is less harmful that continuing to drink heavily. But smoking marijuana has its own drawbacks. Read more...

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November 24, 2008 at 6:16 am
(1) Tammy says:

I was once using “pot” in order to maintain not using alcohol or other drugs. My first 2 yrs I was totally clean. However I had several medical( mental ) issues that came up , A DR put me on 10 differnt medications at 1 time then suicide became an option. After a period of time I chose to smoke pot instead of taking all these meds. It helped until I could go through the process needed to obtain total abstinence. Today I can say I’m clean and sober and proud of it. I’m sure the long term effects of perscribed meds would be just as dramatic. I do not think this is for everyone however lets remember the only requirment for AA membership is a desire to stop drinking! I thank god and my sponsor daily for understanding that! I’m neither for or against I’m just telling part of my story. Thank you for the info!

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