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States Move to Plug Interlock Loophole

By August 30, 2011

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A loophole in the laws requiring convicted drunk drivers to install ignition interlock devices on their vehicles has some state legislator trying to find away to plug it. Drivers convicted of driving under the influence have found a way around installing the expensive devices, sometimes on the advice of their attorneys, officials claim.

The interlock devices are designed to keep a vehicle from cranking if the driver has alcohol on his breath.

The problem came to the attention of the media when in New York City it was discovered that only 21 percent of convicted drunk drivers had actually installed the devices, required by Leandra's Law which went into effect in New York a year ago.

Can't Drive Without the Interlock

Statewide, only 44 percent of drunk drivers have installed interlock devices. Only 528 of the 2,562 drivers convicted of DWI in the state have the devices on their cars.

Under the law, drivers do not have to install the devices, but if they don't they have to surrender their driver's license. They have to pay for the interlocks to be installed and pay a monthly monitoring fee, if they want to continue to drive.

They are getting around the requirement by transferring the title of their vehicles to a relative or friend. Some of them tell officials that they got rid of their vehicles.

In New York, legislators are working on a bill that would close the loophole. Their proposed law would require that the ignition interlock devices be installed immediately any time a convicted drunk driver registers a vehicle.

News Source: Drunk Drivers Skirting Law Requiring Them to Drive With Breathalyzers

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August 30, 2011 at 11:29 am
(1) ImmortalAlkysWife says:

So many alcoholics drive drunk that it’s almost scarey to drive at all. I don’t think it’s enough to take the license away because they just drive anyway. And often if they have their license revoked, they just transfer the car to a different family member, but continue to drive it.

I think that if there is an alcoholic in the house — anyone at that address should be REQUIRED to have the interlock device on autos registered to at that address. When it’s a matter of keeping the world safe — everyone with knowledge of the drunk must make an effort to be responsible.

I have a blog where I posted about my alcoholic husband’s point of view about driving drunk. It’s called “Driving along in my automobile” from Nov. 16, 2010. It shows how an alcoholic’s mind is not rational on this issue.

April 6, 2013 at 8:30 pm
(2) freedomlover says:

Unfortunately everything you posted above does not get alcoholics off the road, this is a huge money maker for state and local government and has 0 to do with making our streets safer. Matter of fact it punishes people who are not intoxication to the point they can not operate a motor vehicle safely, it’s almost as bad as if you said, “I wish I had the money that bank has,” and bam you get arrested for bank robbery.

Oh yes, and a relative and a friend of died at the hands of a drunk driver who had multiple convictions in the past, you need to leave emotions aside and look at what these guilty until innocent laws really do. It creates an DUI industry of lawyers, device companies, and ridiculous fines and fees.

October 16, 2013 at 11:53 am
(3) Eileen says:

This thing does not work. first of all a person who loses their license for dui can not get license back until this is put into “a” car. so they get someone else to put it in their car so they can get a license. I know because my daughter does not have a car but to get her license, I had to get it installed into my car. I never drink so it will never fail. It is an inconvenience and today I find out it drains your battery. so I get in my car to go to work and blow into the thing and my car dies. If you call interlock they say “we know exactly what it is” ” you need to jump car and then take off negative cable for 10 mins for it to charge again” Even it a drinker stops drinking because they lost their license they are still punished another 6 months and the thing damages the car. I hope a lawyer sees this and starts a class action suit.

November 25, 2013 at 7:33 pm
(4) Bob Smith says:

This interlock is nothing more then a cash machine for the States. These Politicians are getting their pockets filled with money to have these companies put this evil machine in a persons car. What happens when they take the machine out ? REALLY Wake up people, its other way to get more money out of your pocket into Their pockets !!!!!

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