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Meth Shakers Overwhelm Burn Units

By January 25, 2012

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A new method of making methamphetamine is so volatile that hospital burn units have become so overwhelmed with injured patients - many without insurance - to the point that some of the unit have been forced to shut down. The new 'Shake and Bake' method of producing meth in a 2-liter soda bottle has exploded in the face of thousands of victims, according to a survey by The Associated Press.

Up to one-third of all burn patients in hospitals in the top meth-producing states are would-be meth makers.

According to a report by the AP's Jim Salter, the average treatment for burn patients costs about $6,000 per day. For meth patients the average hospital stay costs about $130,000, or 60% more than other burn victims.

Mixing Unstable Ingredients

Because many of those meth patients do not have insurance, the costs of treatment is overwhelming some providers. Salter reported that six burn units in the U.S. have shut down in the past six years, partially due to the increase in the number of meth-burned patients.

Using the 'one pot' or 'shake and bake' method, they mix unstable ingredients in plastic 2-liter soda bottles. If the cap to the bottle is removed too quickly or the plastic bottle is perforated, the mixture can explode.

"You're holding a flame-thrower in your hands," one law enforcement officer told Salter.

Treatment Challenges for Meth Victims

The exploding meth bottles typically explode while they are being held by the meth maker. The result can be permanent disfigurement, blindness and death.

Making treatment more difficult for healthcare providers is the fact that shake and bake victims are usually both burned by flames and also chemically burned. On top of those challenges, most of the burned meth patients are actively addicted, making treatment even more complicated.

Salter said a true estimate on the exact healthcare costs of shake and bake meth making is not possible because many meth patients lie to providers about the cause of their burns.

New Source: Meth Fills Hospitals With Burn Patients

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January 25, 2012 at 3:07 pm
(1) Vlad the Impeller says:

It may not sound in the realm of the possible, but in three to five years–or less–we will let these unfortunates go into that dark night. If they’re lucky, we’ll give them something to relive the pain before they die. Why? Because Americans are not going to sit around as the Depression gets worse and have their county hospital districts ream them with taxes so junkies can stay on life support…it’s ain’t going to happen.

You can think this is barbaric or you can think it makes sense…it’s coming. Marx was wrong about a lot of things but he was right on the power of the wallet. When the people who pull the wagon see this up close, IT WILL CHANGE. If you’ve got a habit like this, now would be a great time to stop. You’ve going to be getting less and less support for your messes each day.

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