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You may have heard that prescription drug addiction in the United States has grown to the point that it has officially been declared at epidemic levels. Young and old people from all parts of the country are consuming literally tons of pills each year. But exactly what drugs are they abusing? Read more...

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June 16, 2012 at 11:57 pm
(1) humpdog says:

hey guys and girls i am a recovering opiad addict of the worst kind.. oxyzzzs roxyzzs hydros percs yea i kno the spelling isnt right led me to the evil drug known as methadone… 400 yes400mgs. a day sometimes more with 5 to10 or12somas 4maybe 6 atavans and 6to 8 roxys just in case my pain “broke through” a regimen i dont advise…it was all prescribed legal given to me in a large bag at the pharmacy and off i went during this time i worked fished hunted played guitar and paid a mortage oh no i didnt sell any of it i ate it all… one day without any explanation i was dismissed you think your sick?

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