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Alcoholism March 2012 Archive


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New Pseudoephedrine Is Meth-Resistant

Thursday March 29, 2012
A Missouri pharmaceutical company is developing a new form of allergy and cold medication that law enforcement officials say could be a game changer in the fight to curb ... Read More

Why Do People Quit Drinking?

Wednesday March 28, 2012
People decide to quit drinking for a wide variety of reasons, usually because of some negative consequences. Visitors to the About.com Alcoholism / Substance Abuse site used our Reader ... Read More

Is There a Pill That Reduces Cravings?

Tuesday March 27, 2012
Many people who quit drinking alcohol report having cravings for a drink. These cravings are the reason that most people who try to quit drinking are likely to have ... Read More

Cocaine: The Nicknames

Thursday March 22, 2012
At the peak of its popularity in the 1970s and 1980s, cocaine began to influnce many aspects of American society and some of the street names for the drug ... Read More

Meth Mom Sentenced to 6 Years

Wednesday March 21, 2012
A 27-year-old California woman, who pleaded guilty to manslaughter after her 5-month-old son died from her methamphetamine-tainted breast milk, has been sentenced to six years in prison. Maggie Jean ... Read More

Using Antabuse to Avoid Drinking

Tuesday March 20, 2012
Antabuse works by causing a severe physical reaction if alcohol is consumed while taking the drug. The longer the drug is taken, the more effective it becomes and the ... Read More

Spring Break Poses Multiple Dangers

Thursday March 15, 2012
Today college spring break no longer resembles a 1960 movie with Connie Francis singing "Where the Boys Are" on the beach. It's more like watching MTV bikini contests or ... Read More

Bill Would Pay $100 Bounty on Drunk Drivers

Wednesday March 14, 2012
To cut down on highway deaths and get drunk drivers off the road, a California lawmaker has introduced a bill that would get the public involved in solving the ... Read More

Florida Bill Would Drug Test State Workers

Tuesday March 13, 2012
Florida lawmakers have passed what is believed to be the first bill in the United States that allows for the random drug testing of all state employees. Passed by ... Read More

Ten Things to Stop Doing

Thursday March 8, 2012
When you have someone close to you who is an alcoholic or is addicted to drugs, the experience can provoke a rollercoaster of emotions, from frustration and anger ... Read More

23.5 Million Americans in Recovery

Wednesday March 7, 2012
Perhaps for the first time, we may have an accurate estimate of how many people in the United States are currently in recovery for an alcohol or drug problem. ... Read More

School Bullies More Likely to Be Substance Users

Tuesday March 6, 2012
School officials who are developing anti-bullying programs and policies may also want to incorporate substance abuse prevention measures for those students who are identified as bullies or victims of ... Read More

Surviving Alcohol Liver Disease

Thursday March 1, 2012
Since it was first published, Valerie's story of her near brush with death and ultimate survival has inspired many others suffering from alcohol-related liver disease and their families. Six ... Read More

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