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Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

More Information and Resources


Updated February 09, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions
Questions most often asked the National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and their answers.

Frequently Asked Questions (2)
Compiled by Screening for Mental Health, Inc from data supplied by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence and the World Health Organization.

What is Alcoholism, Exactly?
For many people, the facts about alcoholism are not clear. What is alcoholism, exactly? How does it differ from alcohol abuse?

Alcoholism Glossary
Terms associated with alcoholism and recovery with links to information and resources on each.

Alcoholics Anonymous History
Archivist and historian Mitchell K. looks at the early days of the Alcoholics Anonymous program.

Alcohol-Related News
New links, news headlines, community news and more.

Alcohol-Related Traffic Fatalities
The most recent statistics concerning alcohol-related traffic death from the NIAAA.

Alcoholism & Divorce
A series of articles about divorce options and alternatives in marriages in which alcohol is an issue.

Al-Anon Discussion Topics
Issues which frequently are of interest to families of alcoholics and newcomers to Al-Anon Family Groups.

Demographics of Drinkers
Drunks by age, gender, country of origin from the NIAAA.

Domestic Abuse
What it is, what causes it, and what victims can do to escape the cycle of violence.

Drinking Alcohol and Cancer
Scientists and researchers continue to find a link between even moderate alcohol drinking and an increased risk of certain cancers.

Cybriety Medallions
You can pick up a Cyber version Anniversary Medallion or email one to a friend.

Dealing With the Holidays
These articles offer tips on dealing with many aspects of the surviving the holidays.

Depression - The Invisible Disease
The latest research and information about depression from the National Institute of Mental Health.

Dual Diagnosis
A look at the problem, the solutions and a caution about possible overtreament.

How To...
Here's an index of step-by-step "How To" articles on many different subjects related to alcohol and recovery.

Issues for Women
Women who abuse alcohol, or even occasionally drink to excess, face much greater risks than their male counterparts.

Personal Stories of Recovery
Visitors to this site share their struggle to find and maintain sobriety.

Reading Room
A list of guest columns on recovery-related issues contributed by professional writers in recovery.

Substance and Drug Abuse
Information on substance abuse, addiction treatment, and facts about commonly abused drugs.

The Twelve Steps
Not merely a way to stop drinking, these steps can also be a guide toward an entire new way of life.

The Twelve Traditions
The Twelve Traditions contain the spiritual principles that keep 12 step support groups focused on their primary purpose. Most of the time.

The World of a Child
How does drinking effect the world of a child? Information on alcohol use by kids and its impact on their health and well-being.

Treatment Center Directory
Those who have become chemically dependent upon alcohol usually need medical help in order to quit. Here are lists of facilities indexed geographically.

Workplace Issues
A look at why and how companies are establishing workplace substance abuse policies to lower costs and eliminate future liability and uneployment claims.

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