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A Death in the Family
Every Time She Stopped, She Would Go Back

Laura and Barry were regular visitors to the chat room here at the About.com Alcoholism site for several months during the first year it was opened. A few months ago, Barry posted a message on the bulletin board with an update, but I had not heard from either of them again until this week when I received the email message published below.

A while back I came to your chat rooms. My girl friend Laura was an alcoholic. She had tried to stop on several occasions. She was able to remain sober sometimes for months at a time.

Every time she stopped after a month or so she would go back. I know you understand.

On top of her alcohol problem she had Hepatitis C. That and drinking is not a wise choice. Hepatitis C and the drinking cases major problems.

For the past five months Laura remained sober. She realized that drinking was going to kill her. She was in counseling and was doing great.

Laura had liver problems and was waiting to get a liver transplant. We were going to NYU to get on the list. Everything was going great. All tests came back good.

Too Late

On september 27, 1999 Laura passed away due to cirrhosis and hepatitis C. She went into the hospital and within a week was dead. The day I brought her in she was doing dishes that afternoon. She wasn't feeling great so I took her in later that night.

What about the Children?
Laura left behind four children... ages four through 15.

A week after she died I got the phone call that said that Laura was going to be put on the transplant list. It was a week too late.

Buddy, feel free to post this anywhere on your site. Laura never believed that she could die. Maybe if someone reads this and realizes that alcohol kills then maybe this note can save a life.

You Will Die!

This is to everyone that still drinks: I realize that at this point in your life for whatever your reasons you have made the choice to drink. If you drink you will sooner or later have medical problems. It may be a fatty liver or cirrhosis or a host of other things. If you drink and have Hepatitis C you will DIE!!!!

Laura left behind 4 children, they range in age from 4 1/2 - 15.

I don't drink so I can see what it does to a family. If you drink you are effecting yourself as well as your family. TRUST ME ON THAT ONE!


What about the Children?
I asked Barry what would happen to her children now that Laura is gone. This is his reply.

Alcohol Liver Disease
He knew the only way to save his life was to quit drinking, but he just couldn't stop, no matter how he tried.

Health Issues
Long-term drinking can bring about a myriad of related health problems.

Issues for Women
Women who abuse alcohol, or even occasionally drink to excess, face greater risks to their health than their male counterparts.

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