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DUI Victims - Those Still Suffering

Not All Drunk Driving Victims Are Killed


Updated July 09, 2010

Not all victims of drunk drivers are killed. Many survive the crashes, but for some their lives are changed forever.

Overall, excessive drinking costs people other than the drinkers $135 billion annually. Of this alcohol-attributable amount, $51 billion is due to crashes. The cost for each injured survivor of an alcohol-related crash averaged $67,000, including $6,000 in health care costs and $13,000 in lost productivity.

But the financial costs pale in comparison to the pain and suffering that many victims must endure, some for the rest of their lives. In last week's article we saw the pain of families that had to bury loved ones due to drunk drivers. This week we visit pages of victims who lived.

In some ways, these stories seem even more tragic. Months and years later they are still suffering. Some have had to learn how to eat, walk, and even breathe again and others linger in comas. Here are their stories.

Still Suffering

    Fight for Life
    On Dec. 8, 1998, Jewels Rogers was hit in her little pick-up truck by a drunk driver who was fleeing from the police. Unfortunately, she has not yet awakened from her coma.

    The Drunk Drivers Suck Page!
    A victim discusses the financial nightmare of being hit by a drunk driver without insurance.

    Kimberly's Story
    Kimberly was injured by a drunk driver, a drunk driver in Hardin County, Ohio, a drunk driver who the District Attorney for that county did not prosecute.

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