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Hallucinogens FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Hallucinogens


Updated March 10, 2014

Drugs with street names like acid, angel dust, and vitamin K distort the way a user perceives time, motion, colors, sounds, and self. These drugs can disrupt a person's ability to think and communicate rationally, or even to recognize reality, sometimes resulting in bizarre or dangerous behavior.

Hallucinogens such as LSD cause emotions to swing wildly and real-world sensations to assume unreal, sometimes frightening aspects. Dissociative drugs like PCP and ketamine may make a user feel disconnected and out of control.

What Are Hallucinogens?
How do they work in the body to cause hallucinations?

What Are Dissociative Drugs?
How are they different from hallucinogens?

Why Do People Take Hallucinogens?
How long have they been around?

What Are the Effects of Hallucinoges?
How long do the effects last?

What Are the Effects of Dissociative Drugs?
They have some common general effects.

What Are the Effects of PCP?
Why are the effects unpredictable?

What Are the Effects of Ketamine?
How is it different from PCP?

What Are the Effects of Dextromethorphan?
Why can using it be risky?

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