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Alcohol Research and Statistics

Scientific Studies and Statistical Data


Updated February 14, 2014

Students and researchers have a vast library available of scientific studies and statistical data compiled by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Since 1988, the NIAAA has published Alcohol Alert Bulletins which outline the latest scientific research and studies about alcohol related topics.

These Alcohol Alerts cover a wide range of subjects including the relationship and affects of alcohol on AIDS, Cancer, Aging, Cognition, Nutrition, Hormones, Sleep, Trauma, Stress, Violence and Aggression, Driving, and many others.

The NIAAA has also compiled a variety of "Quick Facts" data tables that provide information on a number of alcohol-related topics. These tables present raw statistical data on topics including amounts and patterns of alcohol consumption, alcohol dependence or abuse, consequences of alcohol consumption, and other alcohol-related topics.

Here is an index of those data tables:

Alcohol Statistics and Data Tables

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