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Five Win Award for Work in Addiction

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Innovators Awards


Updated July 26, 2003

Five Americans who are pushing the frontiers of substance abuse treatment, prevention and awareness were named recipients of the 2003 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Innovators Combating Substance Abuse award, among the most prestigious awards in the field.

"These individuals epitomize true genius and leadership in tackling the problem of substance abuse, which remains the leading preventable killer of Americans," says J. Michael McGinnis, M.D., Senior Vice President and Director of the Health Group of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. "Their work - and their willingness to find creative ways to achieve meaningful results - has stretched the boundaries of conventional care and has had a direct impact on the treatment, prevention and awareness of this chronic disease for hundreds, thousands, or even millions. The Innovators award will recognize these remarkable individuals and enable them to pursue creative, leading-edge projects they might not otherwise be able to undertake."

Here are the 20003 winners. Click on the names to read their background profiles:

Innovators Combating Substance Abuse is a national program of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that recognizes and rewards those who have made substantial, innovative contributions of national significance in the field of substance abuse. Each award includes a grant of $300,000, which is used to conduct a project over a period of up to three years that advances the field.

"These individuals have played a major role in helping to change the landscape and status quo in the area of substance abuse," says Jack E. Henningfield, Ph.D., Director of the Innovators program. "They have translated research into practice, bridged practice and policy-making, published ground-breaking guidelines, reshaped our fundamental perspectives on substance abuse, given us an insider's look at addiction, and brought hope and vision for the future."

The 2003 Innovators are far-ranging in influence and diverse in talent.

For more information on Innovators Combating Substance Abuse, please visit: www.sainnovators.org.

Source: Innovators Combating Substance Abuse

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