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Canadian Treatment Centres

Alcohol and Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Services


Updated July 01, 2014

Here is a list of alcohol and substance abuse treatment centers, rehabilitation centers and hospitals that have web pages:

360dtx is a bilingual private addiction and psychiatric treatment center located in Montreal, Quebec that offers a 24-bed residential detoxification and rehabilitation program and an intensive outpatient program.

A Home Away Retreat
Provides expert counseling in addiction, adult children of alcoholics (ACOA), family issues and co-dependency to bring hope, healing, renewal and spiritual growth. Located in the Okanagan Valley of Kelowna, British Columbia, A Home Away Retreat provides home-like, private accommodations as an affordable alternative to traditional facilities.

Addictions Canada
Offers alcohol and drug treatment services from intervention, detox, residential treament and follow-up. Located in Toronto, Ontario North and Caledon.

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba
Providing intervention, rehabilitation, prevention, public information and education services for Manitoba citizens relating to addictions.

The only agency in Western Canada providing alcohol, drug, and gambling addiction treatment services exclusively to women on an outpatient and residential bases. Located in Calgary, Alberta.

Bellwood Health Services
Provides treatment for people with alcohol and drug addictions, eating disorders, gambling and sexual addictions, and stress-related illnesses in Toronto.

Blue Mountain Rehabilitation
A private and safe rehabilitation center for women living with substance addictions and abuse. Located near Collingwood, Ontario, Canada.

Cardinal Recovery Services
A private specialized recovery centre for teen girls ages 13-18 in Surrey, British Columbia.

Cedars Cobble Hill
Provides addiction treatment for adult men and women, including medical detoxification, individualized treatment and after care planning. Also a one-week residential family therapy program. Located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Central Alberta Recovery Center
A safe, structured five-week residential treatment center for men who have an addiction to Alcohol and/or Drugs located in Alberta, Canada.

Providing chemical dependency treatment, education, training and support to individuals, families, workplaces and communities in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.

Edgewood Vancouver
Provides family and individual support in the form of coaching, assessments, education and interventions for people struggling with addiction.

First Step Treatment Centers
First Step Recovery and drug rehab Center is a therapeutic residential facility specializing in the treatment of adults who are experiencing the consequences of dependency on alcohol, drugs and addictive behaviors. Locations in Montreal, Vancouver and the Caribbean.

Freedom From Addiction
Freedom From Addiction is a private alcohol and drug treatment center located in Aurora, Ontario.

Freedom Health Recovery
A unique, active health recovery model bringing traditional therapies together with "Holistic Healing" in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Habitude offers a uniquely different approach to drug and alcohol detoxification and rehabilitation with a holistic, all-natural detox and rehab program for men that provides a rapid, yet long-lasting recovery from drug addiction, prescription drug addiction and alcoholism. Located near Toronto.

Hannah House
Hannah House is a women's residential treatment centre for addictions in Maple Ridge, BC and is part of InnerVisions Recovery Society.

Harvest House
An addictions treatment centre in Gloucester, Ontario, offering a residential treatment program for people addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Hollyburn Family Services
offers youth aged 12 to 18 a residential treatment program for substance misuse problems. Located in West Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Heaertwood Centre
Located in Vancouver at BC Women's Hospital & Health Centre, the Heartwood Centre focuses on women with substance dependence, mental health concerns and primary health care needs..

Homewood Health Centre
A 312-bed privately-owned, publicly-funded health care facility in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Hope For Freedom Society
Resurrection House and Glory House, two Christian based recovery facilities of the Hope for Freedom Society provide a safe and caring drug, alcohol and violence free (zero tolerance) environment in which addicts and alcoholics can begin the process of recovery. Located on the outskirts of Greater Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

Humble House
Humble House is a private residential treatment centre just outside Vancouver BC for alcohol and drug rehab. Located in the Fraser Valley.

InnerCare International
A specialist addictions agency that provide intensive addictions retreats and therapy at a retreat lodge in Mission, British Columbia, Canada.

InnerVisions Recovery Society
Provides 60-day residential treatment program at three centres (two men's and one women's) in Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, and Maple Ridge, BC.

Intervention Services Canada
Intervention Services Canada is a group of experienced Intervention Professionals serving addiction. We provide services that include education, awareness, strategy, sober coaching, and after-care, including long term drug monitoring.

LDR Holistic Treatment Services
Treatment designed around the individual, embracing various modalities of rehabilitation including comprehensive 12-step principles, relapse prevention, and other behavioral and holistic methods. Located in Langley, B.C.

Luke 15 House
Luke 15 House ministers to men with addictions by helping them find meaning and purpose through self disclosure, awareness and positive re-enforcement. Located in Surrey, BC.

McDougall House - Recovery Home for Women
provides residential support for women in recovery from addictions through knowledge, awareness and behavioral change. Located in Edmonton, AB, Canada.

Nunatak Recovery
Nunatak Recovery is an addictions treatment facility for females over the age of 18 who have no criminal record, history of violence, and no H.I.V. OR Hepatitus C infections. Located in Hagensborg, B.C. Canada.

New Awakenings Wellness Centre
New Awakenings Wellness Centre helps individuals and families heal from addiction. Located in Port Perry, Ontario.

Orchard Recovery and Treatment Center
A private Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center located near Vancouver, British Columbia treating alcoholism, substance abuse, chemical dependency, and other addictions.

Our House Edmonton
A long term residential treatment centre located in Edmonton, Alberta. Our House accepts applications from other communities where a one-year program may not be available.

More Canadian Treatment Facilities

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