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Laura's Children
She Left Four Children, Ages Four to 15
One of our regular visitors to the chat room here at the Alcoholism site at About.com died as a result of continuing to drink after serious liver problems developed, as reported in this article. She left four children, ages four to 15.


Laura and I have been together for about nine years. When she came into my life she had two kids. We also had two kids together.

What's sad is Laura never drank before age 38... at 46 she was dead.
I am the only one that her kids know. They have nobody else. Their dad took off and has not been heard from in 8 years. No christmas presents, birthday gifts, easter baskets, letters, or telephone calls etc.

Laura and I talked about the kids just a bit. She said that she didn't want me to have any of them. Ten minutes later she would say that I'm all they have and they have no place else to go. Laura realized that I'm the only stable person that they have. Laura's mom is 70 and she comes to help out but thats about it. The kids will now be in a alcohol free environment.

It will be interesting to see them grow up without Laura. She was a very sweet person and as I say to people she was too easy going and too nice to belong in this world, she would do anything and everything to help someone out. Laura will be with Jesus and will have no pain or suffering. She will always be watching over us. The kids start counseling on Monday so that they understand what happened.

What's sad is that Laura NEVER drank before age 38. When she was younger she would go to a club and a drink would last all night. Her mom couldn't believe that she started to drink because she never did it before. At 46 she was dead.

I wouldn't dream of splitting the family apart. I have a good support system if needed. One good thing is I do a lot of work from the house so I can keep an eye on things.


Alcohol Liver Disease
He knew the only way to save his life was to quit drinking, but he just couldn't stop, no matter how he tried.

Health Issues
Long-term drinking can bring about a myriad of related health problems.

Issues for Women
Women who abuse alcohol, or even occasionally drink to excess, face greater risks to their health than their male counterparts.

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