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Tradition 8: Nonprofessional

Tradition 8 is after tradition 7. Seven says we are self supporting through our own contributions. Tradition 8 follows 7 and states that contibutions can be used to employ special workers, for literature, for group conscience process from group to district, from district to area, from area delegate to GSO, from GSO to A.A. worldwide.

Today in modern society carrying the message is not only accomplished face to face or by telephone but online as well. Technology does not hinder carrying the message to the alcoholic that still suffers it helps it. But, we AAs have to keep true to our traditions and reject the million dollar donation, because money will spoil this thing. That is what Rockifeller told Bill W. when he solicited funds for AA in the 30s before the traditions were written.

The steps are to the individual as the traditions are to the group. Keep the group strong with the Traditions but special workers may be employed to keep the AA message alive around the world.


More about Tradition 8

Tradition 8: Giving It Away
There is a saying in the 12 step groups, "In order to keep it, you must give it away.

A Gift
"This very important Tradition is the very rock on which the freely-given program is built."

Special Workers
"Somebody has to answer the phone while the rest of us get on with our regained lives."

"Some people like to call AA "Therapy" but it is not therapy in the strict sense of the word."

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