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Tradition 8: A Gift

The 8th Tradition is so very simple, but greed no matter how you try to rationalize it, is still greed. We know nothing good comes from a negative action, except a negative reaction.

As it is implied in our 8th Tradition: "freely ye have received, freely give". Twelfth-step work should not be paid for! Both AA's lose, the newcomer is already in an outsider's position becauses of paying for services, the paid "professional" offering the message of AA is put in a position to compromise all that he is offering because of his profit. He loses what AA has given to him big time.

Paying someone for their services outside of twelfth-step work does not compromise AA's message, it just gets other jobs done so the recovering alcoholic has the freedom to be there and reach out and help another alcoholic, have the literature to give, have meeting list printed, etc.

"Our 12th-step is never to be paid for, but those who labor in service for us are worthy of their hire." This very important Tradition is the very rock on which the freely given program of AA is built. Kept it a gift!


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Tradition 8: Giving It Away
There is a saying in the 12 step groups, "In order to keep it, you must give it away.

"Matters of money can spell trouble for the fellowship."

Special Workers
"Somebody has to answer the phone while the rest of us get on with our regained lives."

"Some people like to call AA "Therapy" but it is not therapy in the strict sense of the word."

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