Anonymity on the Bulletin Board

In order to post a message to the Alcoholism Bulletin Board, you must first register with a nickname and email address. Remember, anyone can view the messages on the Bulletin Board by visiting without registering.

If you do not mind receiving email messages from other visitors to this board, no problem. Many members of the recovery community have email addresses that already protect their personal anonymity.

But if you do not wish to receive email, wish to protect your anonymity, and avoid possible SPAM, you may do so by using a fake email address. Just make one up. As long as it includes an "@" in it and a DOT, it will work. Don't use these, but here are some examples:

You get the picture. Please do not take advantage of your anonymity to post objectionable messages. Offensive posts to the bulletin board will be routinely removed. Please see the FAQ page for more information.

Alcoholism Bulletin Board

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