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Tradition 10: Sticking to the Book

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous is like The Bible if we follow the message as it was clearly laid out there would be no need to bring in controversy, or outsiders trying to change what it is (along with insiders).

Through the years many churches have come up with different opinions as to what was written, leaving society with all sorts of new and improved ways to change the word of God that they supposedly understood -- and in those changes we have seen a multitude of different churches arrive. In AA, although not perfect, in it's 10th Tradition tries harder than any other fellowship I've seen to stay with the message exactly as it was written.

It may have some cracks, but I have yet to see it split apart as I have seen so many churches do, based on public controversy and opinions, and I believe because we value our 10th Tradition, and do our best to protect our fellowship, because our hereafter is now -- not when we die due to the davastating affects of our disease. We as a whole know we are responsible to keep AA for ourselves just as it is or we are doomed before we could ever think of a place such as heaven, so we will continue to uphold our 10th tradition.


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Tradition 10: Outside Opinions
By not expressing opinions on outside issues, 12 step groups attempt to avoid controversy.

Keep it Simple
"Sometimes 'opinions' or treatment center jargon get passed off as A.A. lore."

An Oxymoron?
"As the old saying goes, by not making a decision you are making a decision. The same goes for not having an opinion."

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