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Low-Carb Snacks

A Familar Theme

The story below is published in several places around the Internet and makes it's way around the email circles frequently. Most readers will not identify with it at all, but for many others it will unfortunately seem all too familiar.

I Got Flowers Today

When we first published this poem in 1999 we found it on several websites with "author unknown." We have since learned it was written and copyrighted by Paulette Kelly in 1992.

Read the Poem

Domestic Abuse Information

Could your life be in danger? Take the Danger Assessment Quiz

If you are someone you know is in a situation like the one described above, please read the information provided on the pages below. It could literally save a life.

Domestic Abuse and Alcohol
Statistics seem to indicate a connection between alcohol and drug abuse and domestic violence, but others question the cause-and-effect relationship.

Why Do They Do It?
Whether alcohol and drug abuse is a factor or not, domestic violence and abuse is a very serious problem -- for the victims and the abusers.

Help for Victims
For those locked into an abusive relationship, getting help is not always as simple as just leaving, in fact it could be dangerous.

A Victim Speaks
Alcohol may not be a cause of domestic abuse, but it sure seems to be a catalyst.

Net Links
More information and resources about Domestic Abuse and Violence.

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