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Alcohol and Substance-Abuse Related Videos

Learn More About Alcoholism and Its Effects


Updated March 19, 2013

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There are more than 20,000 articles published on the About.com Alcoholism site on many different aspects of alcohol abuse and its effects. The videos listed here can give you a quick view of alcoholism, how it is diagnosed, how it affects the drinker and the family, and some of the treatment options available.

1. What Is Alcoholism?

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Many people think alcoholism is a choice, not a disease. But is it really? Find out why the American Psychiatric Association and the American Medical Association determined that alcoholism is a disease and what the criteria is for such a diagnosis.

2. What Are the Symptoms of Alcoholism?

How can you tell if you or someone you know is an alcoholic? This video outlines several common signs of alcoholism and explains what symptoms someone who is alcohol dependent will display.

3. How is Alcoholism Diagnosed?

If you think you have a drinking problem, you should see a healthcare professional for an evaluation and for treatment. This video explains the basic signs and symptoms a physician will look for before diagnosing someone as alcohol dependent.

4. Types of Alcohol Problems

Not everyone who has a drinking problem is an alcoholic. There are three different levels of alcohol problems. This About.com video explains what they are and why each is problematic for the drinker.

5. What is At-Risk Drinking?

There are people who drink who never have a problem with alcohol, because their consumption level is at a safe level. At what level does drinking become "at risk"? Dr. Ingrid Mathieu explains in this video.

6. Top Myths About Drinking Alcohol

Some of the things that you have always heard about alcohol and sobering up just may not be true. This About.com Alcoholism video sorts out the facts from the fiction about drinking on an empty stomach, trying to sober up quickly, and who is and who is not an alcoholic.

7. Health Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Men

Alcohol abuse affects men and women differently in a lot of ways. This About.com Alcoholism video reveals why men are much more likely to develop alcohol problems, compared to female drinkers, as their alcohol consumption increases.

8. Cirrhosis of the Liver

The liver performs many life-saving functions, so when it stops working the results can be fatal. What is cirrhosis of the liver and what causes it? What are the treatment options?

9. Health Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Women

Alcohol can cause problems for women much quicker than it can for male drinkers. This video explains why women react differently to alcohol than men and what the health effects of alcohol abuse are for female drinkers.

10. Top Treatments for Alcoholism

There are many different treatment programs for alcohol problems and what works for one person may not necessarily help another. Sometimes more than one approach is needed. Find out what options are available for those who need help to stop drinking.
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