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Adult Children of Alcoholics

What does it mean to grow up in an alcoholic home? Do adult children of alcoholics develop certain characteristics as a result? These articles can help unlock the puzzle for adult children of alcoholics.
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Adult Children of Alcoholics Screening Quiz
Did you grow up with a problem drinker? Those who grow up in homes where there is alcohol abuse or alcoholism are sometimes affected in ways they do not even realize.

The Effects of Growing Up with an Alcoholic
Children who grow up in alcoholic homes can get many mixed messages about how they should interact with others in the family and the outside world.

Growing Up 'Alcoholically'
Growing up in home with an active alcoholic can affect how a child looks at life and everything in it.

Characteristics of Adult Children
Most children who grew up in families affected by the disease of alcoholism never did really grow up in many ways.

Common Traits of Adult Children of Alcoholics
Children from alcoholic and other dysfunctional homes appear to share some common personality traits as they grow into adulthood.

How Did Growing Up With an Alcoholic Affect You?
Adult children of alcoholics are people who grew up in a home with at least one alcoholic parent and their lives were profoundly affected by the experience.

Books for Adult Children of Alcoholics
If you grew up in an alcoholic or other dysfunctional family, these books offer insight into the characteristics that adult children typically develop, and practical advice for learning how to make healthy decisions to lead a more healthy life, functionally and emotionally.

Elephant in the Living Room
From your About.com guide, it seems it would be hard to ignore, but guest columnist Diane Hunter says dsyfunctional families do it all the time!

Adult Children of Alcoholics
The official web site for the Adult Children of Alcoholics World Service Organization.

Many Children of Alcoholics Must Guess What Normal Is
Children who grow up in alcoholic homes can be deeply affected by the experience and the effects can last well beyond their childhood years.

Children of Alcoholics Have Difficulty Having Fun
One characteristics that many children who have an alcoholic parent report is difficulty in having fun.

Children From Alcoholic Homes Take Themselves Very Seriously
One of the traits that some adult children of alcoholics have in common is that they seem to take themselves very seriously.

Children of Alcoholic Homes Judge Themselves Without Mercy
Some children who grow up with at least one alcoholic parent find that they judge themselves without mercy, being way too hard on themselves.

Children of Alcoholic Homes May Have Trust Issues
When children grow up in a home with alcoholism and the usual denial that surrounds it, they develop serious trust issues.

Children of Alcoholics Can Become Terrified of Abandonment
Growing up with an alcoholic parent can cause some children to become absolutely terrified of abandonment.

Children of Alcoholics Have Difficulty With Intimate Relationships
Many children who experience early life in a home with an alcoholic report having difficulty forming intimate relationships.

Children of Alcoholics Can Become Frightened of Angry People
When alcoholics become mean and abusive when they are drinking, their children sometimes grow up being frightened of angry people.

Many Children from Alcoholic Homes Constantly Seek Approval
Many adult children of alcoholics need to constantly seek approval and affirmation from others.

Children of Alcoholics Feel They Are Different
Some children who grow up in alcoholic homes feel that they are different from other people and are uncomfortable in social situations.

Children of Alcoholics Can Become Super Responsible
Many children who grew up in alcoholic homes tend to become super responsible - or either super irresponsible.

Dr. Jan's Page
A resource for those who are interested in Dr. Janet Woititz's works in helping those impacted by Alcoholism and other dysfunctional behaviors.

The ACA Promises
These 12 promises are listed for members of Adult Children of Alcoholics and/or dysfunctional families.

The 12 Steps of ACOA
The Adult Children of Alcoholics 12 steps.

The 12 Traditions of ACOA
The twelve traditions of Adult Children of Alcoholics.

The Problem
Tony A. authored the original Laundry List. It later was adopted as "The Problem" (c) 1984 by the Adult Children of Alcoholics CSB/IWSO in Torrance, California.

The Solution
From the Adult Children of Alcoholics Central Service Board/Interim World Service Office (c) 1986. And don't forget it.

Voices of The Family
A family member has a unique perspective on addiction, prevention and treatment, and when that story is shared from the heart, it carries a powerful message.

Who Carries The Disease?
"In my alcoholic family, there were two choices for relationship styles -- merged or chilling aloneness," writes author Tian Dayton.

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