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Frequently asked questions about alcoholism, substance abuse and various illegal and prescription drugs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Alcohol Problems
Not everyone who has an alcohol problem is an alcoholic. There are varying degrees or levels of alcohol problems.

They say alcoholics must hit bottom before getting help. What does that mean?
Answers to frequently asked questions from the About.com Alcoholism and Substance Abuse site.

Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse FAQ

What Is Alcoholism, Exactly?

Drug Abuse FAQs
The following are the most frequently asked questions about drug abuse, compiled by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Substance Abuse Treatment FAQs

Cocaine FAQs

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Frequently Asked Questions

Inhalant FAQs

Hepatitis FAQs
Frequently asked questions about hepatitis from the National Women's Health Information Center.

Heroin - FAQs

Marijuana - FAQs for Teens

Marijuana - FAQs for Parents

Methamphetamine FAQ

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