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Free 12 Step Recovery Greeting Cards

Original Designs by Annie H.


Updated February 08, 2014

Wanna Share?

Wanna Share?

Annie H.
Send a customized greeting card to your friends in recovery from a collection of original designs by Annie H. Your card will be emailed to your friend complete with your customized greeting.

Choose from more than 150 recovery-related greetings for every occassion, including celebrations, anniversaries, or just to offer a word of encouragement and hope.

We have a special selection of cards featuring slogans from the 12-step programs, cards especially for sponsors, and cards that just say, "Thank you!"

To see the full-size cards, choose a category, click on the description of the card. Then click on the link that says, "Send This Card." Or right-click on the image and save it to your harddrive.

Choose a Category

12 Step Slogans
Greeting cards of slogans from the 12 step programs.

Program Sayings
Send a friend a saying from the fellowship.

Congratulate someone on a milestone.

Thank You
Send a special person a thank you note.

Send someone a note of encouragement.

If you want to send these cards F.I.N.E.

Just for Fun
Humorous cards for those in recovery.

Send a greeting with a spiritual message.

Love & Friendship
Greeting cards for someone special.

Recovery cards for and to sponsors.

Al-Anon Cards
Greeting cards specifically for Al-Anon members.

N.A. Cards
Recovery cards especially for members of Narcotics Anonymous.

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