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Alcohol Dementia

Long-term or excessive drinking can and does cause damange to the brain -- Neurological damage and memory loss. Some damage can repair itself, but some can become permanent.

New Hope for Alcoholics With Korsakoff Syndrome
Researchers have found that individuals with Korsakoff Syndrome, a brain disorder usually associated with long-term heavy drinking and thiamine deficiency, retain the ability to learn information when it is presented visually, indicating that fundamental memory functions may remain intact even when other memory dysfuction is present.

Short-Term Drinking Has Long-Term Effects
Research with rodents indicates that continuous drinking for as little as eight weeks can produce deficits in learning and memory that last up to 12 weeks after drinking stopped.

Binge Drinking Impairs Mood, Congnitive Performance
There is evidence that repeated, abrupt increases of alcohol levels in the brain, followed by abstinence, induces more damage in the brain than the same amount of alcohol taken uninterrupted in the same length of time.

Alcohol Dementia
Chronic excessive drinking can lead to Alcohol Dementia which affects memory, learning and other functions.

Images of Brain Damage
Innovations in imaging technology have helped alcohol researchers study how alcohol damages internal organs, such as the brain and the liver.

Alcohol and Cognition
When health professionals encounter patients who are having cognitive difficulties, such as impaired memory or reasoning ability, alcohol use may be the cause.

Alcohol Damages Day-To-Day Memory
A study at the University of Teesside in the United Kingdom finds that heavy alcohol consumption has a negative impact on day-to-day memory.

Repeated Detox Can Impair Cognitive Function
A study of the cognitive function of chronic drinkers has found that the number of detoxifications that alcohol dependent patients experience contributes significantly to frontal-lobe impairments.

Alcohol Dementia
Excessive drinking over a period of years may lead to problems which affect memory, learning and other functions.

Alcoholic Dementia: Neurological Disorders
A profound disorder of memory is a main symptom, in which memory of recent events, those which just happened, is chiefly disturbed.

Dementia - Alzheimer's and More
Do we all lose our minds as we grow older? This seems to be true to varying degrees. Dementias strike some, while others simply decline gradually.

Diagnosing Dementia
Here is the criteria used to determine whether someone is suffering from dementia.

Moderate Drinking Studies Seriously Flawed
A growing compendium of research that suggests moderate alcohol consumption provides a cognitive boost at midlife is seriously flawed, according to a new study.

'Exercising' the Alcoholic Brain
Discovering exactly how alcohol damages the brain may give scientists the keys for providing alcoholics with a better chance of recovery through improved therapies.

Symptoms of Alcoholic Dementia
These are some characteristics and symptoms of Alcoholic Dementia From Neurological Disorders Due to Alcoholism.

Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome
A brain disorder involving loss of specific brain functions, due to thiamine deficiency.

WKS and Alcoholism
WKS symptoms may be long-lasting or permanent and should be distinguished from the acute affects of alcohol consumption or from a period of alcohol "withdrawal."

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