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Depression and Alcohol

Do people become depresses because they drink or are they already depressed and drink to self medicate. Research shows a strong relationship between alcoholism and depression. Find out more.

Depression - The Invisible Disease
The latest research and information about depression from the National Institute National Institute of Mental Health.

Depression Linked to First-Use of Drugs, Alcohol
Young people who have a major depressive episode of two weeks or longer are twice as likely to use drugs for the first time or take their first drink than those who are not depressed. A study of teens 12 to 17 years of age revealed that 2.2 million young people face major depression each year.

About.com Depression Guide
Nancy Schimelpfening's site has tons of resources and information about depression and an active chat room too.

Alcoholism - Risk Factor for Suicide
New research findings linking alcoholism as an established risk factor for suicide demonstrate the need for suicide risk recognition and prevention efforts targeted to middle- and older-adults with alcohol dependence.

Effects of Parental Drinking
Scientific research continues to uncover ways in which children are effected by the drinking and behavior of their alcoholic parents.

What, Me Worry?
We all worry sometimes - but some allow this anticipatory anxiety and negative fantasy to ruin their life. Here are some ways to stop worrying and start enjoying life.

Deep Grieving
Robert Burney says in order to do the inner child work we need to be willing to do the grief work. Grief is energy that needs to be released.

How to Heal Depression?
Depression in its various forms (insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, stress, vague aches and pains, etc.) is the most common complaint heard in doctors' offices.

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