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Utah Drunk Driving Law

Highlights of Utah's DUI Law


Updated October 07, 2012

Here are highlights from Utah law on driving under the influence (UT Code 41-6a-502-505). Click on the links for further explanation of the legal terms associated with drunk driving in Utah.

'Per Se' BAC Level: .08

Zero Tolerance BAC Level: .00

Enhanced Penalty BAC Level: .16

Implied Consent Law: Yes

License Suspension 1st Offense: 90 days

License Suspension 2nd Offense: 1 year

License Suspension 3rd Offense: 1 year

Mandatory Jail Time after 2nd offense: Yes

Mandatory Alcohol Education: Yes

Mandatory Assessment/Treatment: Yes

Possible Ignition Interlock: Yes

Possible Vehicle Confiscation: No

Hardship License while license suspended: No

Open Container Law: For driver and passengers

These are highlights of the main provisions of Utah law pertaining to drunk driving. Other factors can increase the penalties for drunk driving, such as if an injury or death occurred, or if a child was endangered.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving in Utah, contact an attorney in your area to determine you rights and responsibilities.

Source: UT Code 41-6a-502-505

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