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Review of the Website FullApologies.com

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Updated February 08, 2014

The Bottom Line

FullApologies.com was created by the Pennsylvania Department of Health to show the impact of driving while under the influence. It does so by showing dramatic and very emotional videos of drunken drivers who were responsible for the deaths of friends apologizing to the families of their victims. Every parent should make sure their teenagers see this site. Everyone who drives while drinking should at least view one of the videos: Ashley B's apology to her best friend's mom.


  • Site delivers its message in a powerful, moving format.
  • Effectively demonstrates the impact of drunk driving on everyone involved.
  • Offers interactive tools for visitor participation.
  • Provides resources for visitors who want to make a change.


  • Site requires a broadband connection.
  • Content is entirely in Flash format.
  • Some pages do not load consistently.


  • Apologies - The tearful apologies of five young people who were responsible for the deaths of friends or family members.
  • Visitor Apologies - The website also offers visitors the opportunity to post their own apologies.
  • It's Like This - What life would feel like if you drove while intoxicated and ended up killing a friend.
  • Responsibility Randomizer - Visitors can input their cell phone numbers and up to four of their friends' numbers.
  • B Safe Txtrs - A form is provided to allow visitors to send safety reminder text messages.
  • Need to Talk? - Links are offered to resources for visitors to the site who may need help.

Guide Review - Review of the Website FullApologies.com

Driving while under the influence can instantly change lives forever for everyone involved -- the victims, their families and even the offenders. This is especially true when a death occurs as a result of drunken driving. When the person killed is a friend or family member of the driver, it is devastating for all.

At one moment, everyone is having a good time and celebrating life, then in an instant, one of them is dead. When this happens, the drivers also have to live with the consequences for the rest of their lives. Not a day goes by that they don't relive the events and wish they could take it all back.

That is the message that FullApologies.com delivers in a poignant and stirring way, that drinking and driving can have drastic, life-changing consequences. By showing the heartfelt, deeply emotional apologies of young drivers who killed their friends, the website sends a powerful message to teens -- or anyone else for that matter -- who drives and drinks.

But the website doesn't stop with getting the message across without preaching. FullApologies.com provides visitors some high-tech tools to use to take steps to make sure they and all of their friends get home safely.

Visitors can input their cell phone numbers and up to four of their friends' numbers. FullApologies.com will then randomly choose one of names to be the responsible person for the night and send a message to all of the group to let them know who is going to get them home safely.

Another form allows visitors to send a safety reminder text message to their own cell phones or phones of their friends. This service, like the randomizer, is free of charge.

User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
Website is 404ed, Member RabidCheeseMonkey

As of the date of this review, the sight is not up. When it was up, the entire site was a bawwapaloosa. You had videos of teens bawwing because they killed somebody when they were drunk and drove. Personally, I think either they were acting or they were trollin'. Why do I say that? Simple: They seemed automated and cried on cue. It seemed way to staged for it to be remotely real. Bottom line: The videos were unrealistic, poorly emotional and overall a waste of time. If they are real, and I have my doubts, then they need to suffer way more then they are. They should make video responses of the victims' families to see if they did or did not accept the apology. Overall though, it is a great site for newbie trolls to cut their trolling teeth into. Also it is a great site for victims of drunk driving fatalities to get MAD over... Nothing brings closure to a mourning family like seeing their family's killer acting as if they are sorry but is only there for attention! Otherwise it is a bad site with a terrible idea. I hope it stays 404 forever.

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