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Al-Anon Meeting Topic: Being Unreasonable

I Was Trying to Force Solutions


Updated February 12, 2014

When I first heard in the Al-Anon opening statement about "our thinking becomes distorted when we try to force solutions and we become irritable and unreasonable without knowing it" I didn't really understand what that meant. I was almost certain that part could not possibly apply to me!

After all, I was the one who was always totally logical and reasonable. She was the crazy alcoholic!

Trying to Force Solutions

As I kept coming back and started to learn how everybody has a higher power who has a plan for their life and that plan is based on God's perfect timing. I realize that by trying to "force solutions" to the problems caused by alcoholism in my family, I was basically getting in the way of God's plan and God's timing.

Because my timing and my thinking did not line up with God's perfect plan and perfect timing, it was by definition "distorted." Because I reasoned that things should happen MY way when I wanted them to -- without giving any consideration to what God's plan and timing might happen to be -- I was being unreasonable without even knowing that I was doing so.

Turn It Over to a Higher Power

So now, thank goodness, when I see a situation that I think needs to be "fixed" I pray about it, and turn in over to God. And if it doesn't change immediately, or doesn't turn out the way I planned it, I know now I have to accept that it will or will not happen according to God's plan and in his timing for their lives.

God didn't go on vacation and leave me in charge. Everyone has a higher power and it's not me!

-- BuddyT

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