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History of Alcoholic Anonymous

The history and legacy of the early fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  1. A.A. History in Pictures (22)

A.A. History
Historian and archivist Mitchell K's series of articles on the roots of the 12 step program.

A.A. History by Dick B.
Prolific author and historian Dick B. discusses the real nature of the early history of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The Founders of Alcoholics Anonymous
Two men, both of whom were termed hopeless alcoholics, began a program of recovery that has helped millions find sobriety and serenity.

Why Study A.A. History?
From your About.com guide, historian and archivist Mitchell K. looks at the roots of the granddaddy of 12-step programs.

The Origin of the Serenity Prayer
Its exact origin, its actual author, have played a tantalizing game of hide and seek with researchers, both in and out of A.A

'Barefoot Bob' Dead at Age 75
"Barefoot Bob" who created and maintained a personal website popular with members of Alcoholics Anonymous and other recovery groups, died January 31, 2009 in hospice care in Idaho after a lengthy illness. He was 75.

Father Martin Dies at Age 84
The Rev. Joseph C. Martin, S.S., noted authority and lecturer on alcoholism who co-founded Father Martin's Ashley, an addiction treatment center in Havre de Grace, MD, died Mar. 9, 2009 at his home in Havre de Grace.

Big Book Authors
The person behind the Big Book's personal stories, who they are and a brief biography. -The 1st three editions.

Cleveland Plain Dealer
These articles appeared in the main Cleveland newspaper, the Plain Dealer, just five months after the first A.A. group was formed in Cleveland.

Early A.A. History
Dick B offers eleven titles published on the spiritual history of early Alcoholics Anonymous.

A Narrative Timeline Of AA History
Arthur S., Northeast Texas Area Archives has built upon Archie M's original Timeline file of the history of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Hazelden-Pittman Museum
Historical photos, early drafts of AA documents, and extensive galleries that display the people, politics, and history of addiction.

How It Worked
No more copies of the story of Clarence H. Snyder, The Home Brewmeister, and the early history of Alcoholics Anonymous, by Mitchell K. are available. But the book is available online.

Lois Wilson
Lois was one of the 20th century's most important women. She has emerged more visible than before for her unique contribution to humanity.

People in AA's History from A to Z
This is a cross reference list of people in AA's history on the Silkworth.net site, originally compiled by Archie M.

Spirituality versus Legalism in Alcoholics Anonymous
This investigative essay discusses in depth Alcoholics Anonymous World Services’ legal and corporate actions over the years involving copyrights of the book Alcoholics Anonymous and other matters.

The Healer
Time Magazine's portrait of Bill W., founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, and one of Time's Top 100 persons of the century.

The Original Six Steps
Although these steps had helped in the recovery of New York and Akron alcoholics, Bill felt the program was still not definitive.

The Samartian Treatment
Page 389 in the Big Book (3rd edition) mentions it. An AA History Buff did some research into the "Aversion" method.

The Spiritual Beginnings of A.A.
Bill Wilson often said A.A. was not invented. Each of A.A.’s spiritual principles was borrowed from ancient sources, writes Dick B.

What Was Early A.A. Really Like?
Dick B's site site focuses on specific historical details and precise facts regarding A.A. history.

AA's Greatest Danger: Rigidity
In this trend toward rigidity, we are drifting farther and farther away from our co- founders. Bill, in particular, must be spinning in his grave.

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