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Holiday Tips - Twelve Tips

Dealing with the Holidays


Updated February 08, 2014

Visitors to the About.com Alcoholism Forum were asked to share their personal experiences in maintaining sobriety during the holiday season. Their replies provide helpful tips for those who may be struggling to stay clean and sober through the temptations of the holidays.

Lilly's Holiday Tip

Twelve Tips on keeping Your Holiday Season Sober and Joyous.

Holidays parties without liquid spirits may still seem a dreary prospect to a newcomer to A.A., but many of us have enjoyed the happiest holidays of our lives sober -- an idea we would never dream of, wanted, or believed possible when drinking. Here are some tips for having and all around ball without a drop of alcohol.

1. Line up extra A.A. activities for the holiday season. Arrange to take newcomers to meetings, answer the phones at a clubhouse or central office, speak, help with the dishes, or visit the alcoholic ward at a hospital.

2. Be host to A.A friends, especially newcomers. If you don't have a place where you can throw a formal party, take one person to a diner and spring for coffee.

3. Keep your A.A. telephone list with you at all times. If a drinking urge or panic comes -- postpone everything else until you've called an A.A. member.

4. Find out about the special holiday parties, meetings, or other celebrations given by groups in your area, and go. If you're timid, take someone newer than you are.

5. Skip all drinking occasions you are nervous about. Remember how clever you were at excuses when drinking? Now put the talent to good use. No office party is as important as saving your life.

6. If you have to go to a drinking party and can't take an A.A friend with you, keep some candy handy.

7. Don't think you have to stay late. Plan in advance an "important date" you have to keep.

8. Go to church. Any church.

9. Don't sit around brooding. Catch up on those books, museums, walks, and letters.

10. Don't start now getting worked up about all those holiday temptations, Remember, "One Day At A Time."

11. Enjoy the true beauty of holiday love and joy. Maybe you cannot give material gifts -- but this year, you can give love.

12. Having had a ..." No need to spell out the Twelfth Step here, since you already know it.

-- Lilly

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