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Top Substance Abuse Research of 2010

U.S. Binge Drinking Rates Are Alarming


Updated February 14, 2014

The top substance abuse related scientific research of 2010 revealed disturbing trends in illicit drug use and binge drinking, a new risk for breast cancer recurrence, the influence of parenting style on teen substance abuse and bad habits that can take years off your life.

1. Substance Abuse Stats Show Troubling Trends

Drinking Beer© BigStockPhoto
An alarming number of people in the U.S. are regularly binge drinking and doing illicit drugs according to the latest government studies, which is not good news for healthcare providers.

2. Alcohol Increases Breast Cancer Recurrence

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Drinking as few as 3 to 4 drinks a week can increase the risk of not only developing breast cancer, but also the recurrence of cancer in those who have previously been diagnosed with the disease.

3. Bad Habits Can Age You by 12 Years

Man Drinking and Smoking© BigStockPhoto.com

People who drink too much, smoke, are inactive and have a poor diet substantially increase their risk of early death. These four bad habits can take an average of 12 years off your life, researchers found.

4. Heavy Drinking Increases Pacnreatic Cancer Risk

Man With Worried SonBigStockPhoto.com

Male binge drinkers or heavy drinkers run a much greater risk of developing pancreatic cancer that men who don't drink at all. Depending on how much you drink, the risk could be six times greater.

5. Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Linked to Leukemia

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Researchers have found another reason for pregnant women to stop drinking. Alcohol consumption during pregnancy increases the risk of acute myeloid leukemia by 56 percent.

6. College Coed Housing Linked to Frequent Binge Drinking

Beer Bottle CapsBigStockPhoto.com

College students who live in coed dormintories are much more likely to binge drink regularly, not as much as students living in fraternity or sorority houses, but more than those living alone or in gender-specific dorms.

7. Parenting Style Can Prevent Teen Binge Drinking

Worried Teen Girl© PhotoXpress.com

A study of almost 5,000 adolescents discovered that the style of parenting teens are exposed to makes a big difference in whether they will engage in heavy drinking with they are still underage.

8. Heavy Drinking Affects Thinking in Senior Women

Stressed Senior LadyClipart.com

Women 60 years or older who drink more than the guidelines for moderate alcohol consumption run the risk of memory loss and other cognitive deficiencies. The risk is even greater for heavy drinkers over 60.

9. Hispanic Kids at Greater Risk of Substance Use

Teen SmokerPhotoXpress.com

Of all ethnic groups, Hispanic teens of middle school age are more likely to engage in substance abuse - drinking, smoking or using marijuana - according to researchers.Of all ethnic groups, Hispanic teens of middle school age are more likely to engage in substance abuse - drinking, smoking or using marijuana - according to researchers.

10. Social Factors Influence Senior's Drinking

Elderly Man© PhotoXpress.com

Older adults are more likely to be heavy drinkers if they are socially active, have friends who approve of drinking and have financial resources. On the other hand, heavy drinkers are more likely to hang out with others who drink.

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