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Family Intervention

A well-planned, professional intervention can help a problem drinker decide to get treatment, but sometimes the effort can backfire. These articles explain the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Family Intervention
Sometimes when the alcoholic's problems reach the crisis level, the only choice left to his family is a professional intervention.

Another View of Intervention
A new book suggests that families may not be as powerless as they have been lead to believe in intervening with an alcoholic or addict family member.

How to Stage a Family Intervention
A brief how-to guide for planning and staging a family intervention.

Early Intervention Pays Off
Researchers have calculated that brief family intervention programs designed to discourage teen drinking are both beneficial and very cost-effective.

Talking About Drinking Helps
A study conducted at Boise State University found that simple parent and teen conversations about the problems of alcohol abuse helped prevent binge-drinking in college freshmen.

Brief Intervention Pays Off
Brief intervention, which can be conducted in general health care settings, can help patients reduce the risk of harmful drinking habits.

Intervention Network Launched
Addiction Intervention Resources has launched a new national network of trained intervention specialists, counselors and consultants to help families and businesses handle addiction-related crisis.

Intervention Guide
Know when it's time to get help. A downloadable intervention guide from Recovery Connection.

Intervention FAQs
An intervention is a deliberate process by which change is introduced into a person's thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

How I Carried Out an Intervention
Share you experience about carrying out an intervention with someone who needed help for a drug or alcohol problem.See submissions

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