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Alcohol Liver Disease

Alcohol-induced liver disease is a major cause of illness and death in the United States, sometimes it is reversible, others not.
  1. Cirrhosis of the Liver (8)
  2. Hepatitis C (15)

Daily Drinkers at Risk for Serious Liver Disease
If you are a daily drinker, you can reduce your risk of developing liver disease significantly if you start planning several alcohol-free days every week.

Alcohol Liver Disease
He knew the only way to save his life was to quit drinking, but he just couldn't stop, no matter how he tried.

Heavy Drinking Dangers
Research studies have emphasized the serious health effects of long-term heavy drinking, from an increased risk for having accidents to developing liver cancer.

How Long to Live?
The following email exchange between a visitor to the About Alcoholism site and Guide BuddyT graphically illustrates the effects of long-time alcohol abuse.

Genetics and Alcohol Liver Disease
New research shows that genetic factors may determine those at increased risk of developing liver disease when certain genes trigger a strong immune reaction in response to alcohol which damages the liver.

SAMe and Liver Disease
The supplement SAMe, which has been promoted as a treatment for arthritis and depression, may now offer some hope for those who suffer from chronic liver disease.

Research Offers Hope for Liver Treatment
The finding of two separate populations of immune cells in the liver may help doctors understand the mechanisms by which the liver is damaged and repaired and could lead to future treatments.

Drinking Patterns Contribute to Liver Disease
It is not only the amount of alcohol consumed that can lead to liver disease and cirrhosis, but drinking patterns may also contribute to liver damage, and this effect may vary by gender.

Alcohol and the Liver Research Update
Alcohol-induced liver disease is a major cause of illness and death in the United States, sometimes it is reversible, others not.

Hepatitus FAQ
Frequently asked questions about Hepatitus from the National Women's Health Information Center.

New Test Detects Cirrhosis Early
Researchers have developed a new and easy method of detecting cirrhosis of the liver which helps predict the evolution of chronic liver disease, allowing physicians to start proper treatment early on.

Proteomics and Alcoholism Research
Proteomics -- the study of proteins that are synthesized by cells -- has important implications for alcoholism research in terms of identifying biomarkers of alcohol intake, understanding alcohol's effects, particularly on the liver, and developing drugs to treat alcoholism.

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