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Members of 12 step groups share their experience, strength, and hope.

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You Can Quit Drinking
No matter how far your alcoholism progresses, not matter how bad it gets, you can quit drinking.

Mary B's Story
Living life on life's terms and having to do everything sober for the first time was scary.

Brief Intervention - E.R. Good Opportunity for Brief Intervention for…
Research shows that brief interventions conducted in urgent care or hospital emergency room situations when people seek help for alcohol-related issues can be very effective in reducing harmful drinking.

Benefits of Alcohol Recovery - What Are the Benefits of Alcoh…
When you quit drinking after years of alcohol abuse, not only will your body begin to reverse the effects of the excess alcohol on your body, you will simply feel better.

Valerie Describes Her Journey as a Liver Disease Survivor
Nine years after she was given Last Rites due to her failing liver, Valerie is close to getting a college degree.

Can Alcoholics Learn to Drink Moderately?
One of the most common questions people who try to quit drinking ask is if they really have to stop forever. Can they learn how to drink in moderation? Can they become social drinkers? Is it true that they can never have another drink?

The Dangers of the Marijuana Maintenance Program
In order to stop drinking, some people who are dependent on alcohol will take the controversial step of substituting the use of marijuana for alcohol, a practice that is known as the Marijuana Maintenance program.

Beating Drug Addiction and Powerlessness
When people become addicted they can feel trapped in a deadly cycle that they are powerless to stop. There simply seems to be no way out for the addict.

The Legacy of Alcoholism in the Family
Growing up with two alcoholics is tumultuous to say the least and a nightmare to say the worst.

Addiction to Prescription Drugs Can Sneak Up On You
Very few people wake up one day and decide to become addicted to drugs. It usually happens slowly, over time so insidiously that people don't realize they are becoming addicted.

Billie D.'s Story
When family members become addicted, it affects those who love them. It is especially heartbreaking for parents when their children are caught in the throes of alcoholism or addiction.

D.J.'s Recovery Story
There is a saying around the rooms of recovery that some alcoholics never find help in this lifetime. In other words, they never get to the point of reaching out for help and they continue drinking all the way to the grave, all the while denying they have a problem.

Christy C.'s Recovery Story
In May of 2006, I rushed to the emergency room because my hands, arms, feet and legs cramped so bad that I couldn't move them and my face was tingling. I was dehydrated and malnourished. My body was trying to tell me something and I was forced to listen.

Kathy H's Recovery Story
My cocktail hour had turned into all day long. I drank, passed out, drank, passed out. Like all alcoholics, I thought I might be drinking a little too much, but I had it all under control.

John K's Recovery Story
I made a deadly discovery that changed my life. I realized that you could remove your next-morning hangover by drinking. It wasn't long that I was drinking all day every day. Eventually I became dependent, mentally and physically.

Christine's Recovery Story
It was the only lifestyle I knew: hustling for my next hit, doing my next one til it was gone, then beginning the nightmare all over again. Breaking the law, going to jail, doing my time and hitting the streets to do it all over again!

Craig's Recovery Story
I was the classic functioning alcoholic. I worked, held a good job, and drank heavily every day. I had everyone including myself fooled.

Sarah T's Recovery Story
I sold many things to get cocaine. I began to hate it, but I needed it. One night I had a wreck. My mother found out I was on drugs and sent me to rehab. I relapsed after rehab. The cocaine addiction got worse. So did the drinking.

Jennifer's Recovery Story
Then things went to hell. I started using again. I ended up locked up in jail for 13 days and put on probation for drug charges. When I got out and never went to probation, so I got a violation and got locked up again, this time for 55 days.

Aceman's Recovery Story
Now after four detoxes, loosing a good job, getting divorced, loosing my house, not seeing my kids for three years, I think I've finally come to grips with my addiction.

Bill G's Recovery Story
One guy said he had been sober for 12 years, and that went right over my head. Another said he and been sober for two weeks, and that got my attention. Why would anyone stop drinking for two whole weeks and how did he do that anyway?

Craig D's Recovery Story
I have known for many years that sooner or later this daily consumption of alcohol would catch up with me. I considered AA several times in the past, but never attended a meeting. I really did not want to give up my best friend. That is what the booze was for me, my best friend.

June's Recovery Story
My thinking got me drunk for the first time when I was 42 years old. I was feeling sorry for myself because of a family disaster, Alcohol numbed my senses and for the ensuing 12 years I lived to have that powerful drink, that would change me into a woman who was the total opposite of what I really am.

Danny S's Recovery Story
I was in bed, naked, sweating and shivering cold, and coming off a blackout. I had relapsed. I have no memory of what happened to me from the time the insanity of the first drink entered my thoughts, to the time I came to.

Bill A.'s Recovery Story
As I tried to piece together the night before, and the day or two before that, the thought haunted me that the blackouts, which for the last few months had progressed from occasional to inevitable, were a symptom of - not alcoholism, no, never that - insanity.

Kimberly F.'s Recovery Story
I woke up this morning and decided not to drink or use today, and that is where I am. I hope that I can do the same tomorrow, but today I have to concentrate on today.

Erinn T.'s Recovery Story
The weekends started sooner and sooner and then I was drinking everyday! I was drinking so much at that point that I couldn't handle any amount of sobriety. I was full of shame and remorse.

Diana's Recovery Story
Many people at this point had asked me when the baby was due. My liver was so swollen that I looked nine months pregnant and I didn't even see this physical and obvious medical problem while I drank. I was in denial.

Beth C.'s Recovery Story
I was born seventh out of eight kids, in a small New England town, and both of my parents were alcoholics. I started drinking when my dad started molesting me, at eight years old. I tried to tell my mother, but she wouldn't believe me. So I drank alcohol to escape.

Cheryl G.'s Recovery Story
It took being on the run for 14 months, not being able to see my son, losing my family, my dignity (we all know what addicts do for a fix), and finally prison for me to stop.

Katy's Recovery Story
One night my best friend asked me if I wanted to raid the liquor cabinet with her. I did it, and found heaven. Being drunk made me forget about all the pain and deception. I was thrilled.

Mark R.'s Recovery Story
I know that I would not be sitting here today were it not for that man and many others along the way reaching out to help another alcoholic like me.

Theresa's Recovery Story
I came into recovery because I got tired of losing all the time. I lost my first set of children and turned around was about to lose my second set. But even that's not the reason why I came into recovery.

Marion's Recovery Story
When I was drinking I would use alcohol to avoid the things I didn't want to deal with or accept. I would wallow in the past with my memories and my bottle or I would fantasize about a future I could never realize unless I let go of the alcohol completely.

Gary W's Recovery Story
God decided enough was enough, I was just sick and tired. Treatment gave me time away from alcohol, the AA rooms continued the recovery.

Roadway Jack's Recovery Story
The courts sent me to AA in 1958. I was 20 years old and didn't want it. The courts sent me back again in January 1975. By then I was sick and tired, ready to listen, and asking God for help.

Jeanette D's Recovery Story
I was a completely different person when I drank. Trouble brewed wherever I appeared. Yes, some times were fun and I behaved, but majority of the time I was terrible. I did things I would have never done sober.

Choney's Recovery Story
When I was 16 years old a family friend introduced me to heroin. I grew up a sheltered, only child and had no idea how dangerous the drug was. I just wanted to appear cool like so many others that age.

Pam R's Recovery Story
I was 37 when I truly fell in love. I married him and later figured out that I hated him, but loved the crack that he introduced me to. I divorced him and would continue my love affair with crack cocaine for the next five years.

Grateful's Recovery Story
People, places, and things don't disturb me as much as they used to because focus on the positive, I promptly admit when I make mistakes, and I have given up reading people's minds.

Nancy H's Recovery Story
I got married at 21 and we drank and fought together. We were together three years and after the marriage ended I really went wild. Drinking became even more important to me and a whole string of relationships followed.

Sheri N's Recovery Story
They took my children away from me and put them in foster care because I didn't care. I didn't care about my children, myself, or my family. I just didn't care about anything. Everyone has there very own bottom, that was my final one.

Don W's Recovery Story
As the years moved on, so did my addiction. By the 80s, I was slamming methamphetamine and robbing people and connections as a way of life.

MB's Recovery Story
I find now that dealing with all my emotions is a challenge, but I welcome it. I am still alone, but I welcome that too. It is hard to believe that I missed three years of beautiful full moons because I was passed out before the sky got dark in the evenings.

Kathy EF's Recovery Story
All of a sudden one day I had no choice to look at my life and how I was living. By then I had a little girl that ended up living with the same chaos as I did, but to her it was just normal.

Gwen R's Recovery Story
I drank to get drunk from the start. I was a blackout drinker from the start. I never knew if it would take two drinks or 20 to get me to the place I wanted to be. That place was anyplace else.

Jill C's Recovery Story
Only after eight years in Al-Anon did I admit that I too am an alcoholic. I stopped drinking 13 years ago after a shock when I thought I had dropped my baby girl over the side of a fishing trawler in a blackout.

Taryn A's Recovery Story
October 19 was the day. It was my junior year of high school. That day was when I chose to pick life instead of death. I realized that I had so much to live for, and that life was waiting for me.

Madeline J's Recovery Story
I lay in the ER from a atempted overdose, that I didn't succeed at doing. I had tried it three times in the past two years. I had to find peace, serenity, happiness. That day was Easter Sunday. I knew I had to go back to AA.

Richard T's Recovery Story
My sober date is Jan. 7, 2000. Prior to that I lived in a cardboard box for the last 17 years. I never had the desire to stop drinking. I had nothing to gain at the time: no family friends no job skills, and never really worked.

Eileen D's Recovery Story
For the next year I quickly went downhill, but it wasn't just me going down and in pain, it was my whole family. My girls were hurt and angry they stopped enabling me. No more secrets. They were talking to their teachers at school and their friends.

Mary S's Sobriety Story
Through this last treatment I realized that regardless of the fact that I have this disease called alcoholism, I am responsible for my actions. All of those times I was told I had to be sober for me, I wish someone could have told me to pay attention to what my kids were seeing.

Debbie's Story
That night I wrote my suicide letters to my family. I wanted to die rather than taking another drink. I called a friend thinking to leave a message on her machine. I wanted to tell her where my body could be found so I wouldn't lay there alone in death for long.

Deanna's Story
The domestic violence calls were all the time - me being the one causing the disruption and him being the one to enable or provoke, not being able to handle the situation.

Alcohol Recovery Stories
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Kerry Collins - Turning It Around
It has been a long road back from his battle with alcohol for the New York Giants quarterback who lead his team in Super Bowl XXXV.

Confessions of an Alcoholic
"I am happy to tell the whole world that I have not touched alcohol for the last 11 years."

Lois W's Story
In 1951, Lois followed the suggestion made by her husband who had crafted the 12 steps of recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous to create a similar 12-step program for the family and friends of alcoholics.

Mark's Story
"I was in complete denial of what alcohol was doing to the chemical make up of my body."

Ship in a Bottle
"I was the Invisible one. I chose to escape from the fear by turning into a little chameleon, recoiling into the corner at every argument."

The Life & Times of an Al-Anon!
"I am the person responsible for what happened before the program. My Higher Power, sponser, and friends can take some responsibility for how it is today."

My Lowest Point and Where I Am Today
Share your experience about hitting your lowest point in your drinking or drug abuse and See submissions

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