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Aceman's Recovery Story

I Never Saw This Coming

By Aceman

Updated July 29, 2007

My story is not unlike most that are posted here, it is just my story. Yours is yours, mine is mine, but we have one thing in common, we lost.

I hurt my back in the Navy (1983), I lived with it and kept working, got out of the service and went to work for the Postal Service. Working there was not good for someone with a bad back, well every now and then I would throw it out (my back), take some time off and go back to work.

I Started to Like It

In 1998 I took a trip to Las Vegas, while there I was in a rental van going to the Grand Canyon. Somehow one of the front wheels broke off the axle and I got thrown around inside the van. It was the final straw in my bad back, surgery followed.

Every now and then I would be given Vicodin for my bad back, I took them with no problem but after the operation something happened; somehow I started to like how they made me feel when I took more than I was prescribed.

It's Mind Boggling

That was almost ten years ago, now after four detoxes, loosing a good job, getting divorced, loosing my house, not seeing my kids for three years (I still haven't seen my daughter), I think I've finally come to grips with my addiction.

I never saw this coming, my ex-wife once told me (after my third detox) that if she caught me taking pills again she would divorce me, that wasn't even enough to make me stop. It's mind boggling what addiction will make a person do. Once I started using heroin, I knew the gig was up.

Something I Will Do Forever

To make a long story short, I am now in recovery for my fourth year. I am going to school again, this time I will finish and get my degree. I'd like to help other addicts, with my past experience I think I will be a good counselor. I go to meeting three nights a week, that is something I will do forever.

Recovery can happen, I am living proof.

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