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Erinn T.'s Recovery Story

I Was Full of Shame and Remorse

By Erinn T.

Updated March 28, 2007

I started drinking after I graduated from High School. I was always a goody-goody and did everything I was told. After graduation, I was working at an amusement park. People I met were big partyers and after I took my first drink, I was immediately hooked.

For the first time in my life I felt like I fit in and was accepted. I couldn't wait to get another drink. My life spiraled out of control very quickly. My drinking started out with just drinking on the weekends. I felt I could justify my drinking at that point, since I worked hard all week and thought I deserved to have some fun.

More and More Blackouts

But soon after, the weekends started sooner and sooner and then I was drinking everyday! I was drinking so much at that point that I couldn't handle any amount of sobriety. I was full of shame and remorse. I got more and more blackouts and hung out with people who, in a sober state of mind, I would've run from!

I was on my death bed and knew I couldn't keep on like I did, so I tried to kill myself, when that didn't work, I had the worst depression I could have ever imagined!

My Life Today Is Better

I finally went to a treatment center. After three attempts I finally started putting a good amount of sobriety behind me. My life today is a million times better!

I've been sober for a little over three years now, I relapsed a little over four years ago, but so far i've been able to make it through situations which I used to gladly drink over!

The Program Works

I have real relationships with family and friends. People who really care about me and want to see me succeed! I had a son a little over a year ago and, so far, he hasn't had to see his mom pick up a drink.

I'm also married to a wonderful man. We have our problems, but neither one of us has had to drink! (I met him at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting when I was about two years sober.) The program works and I'm so grateful that it's there for us! Thank God for AA!

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