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Jeanette D's Recovery Story

Living a Nightmare

By Jeanette D.

Updated January 16, 2007

I spent most of my life living a nightmare party. I started drinking in high school and finally stopped in my late 50s. Those years are gone, never to return, and oh how I messed them up all.

My life was one big ball and never a dull moment, but booze had taken over.

A Completely Different Person

I was married twice and had two beautiful boys. Wow, what they saw! I know God forgives, if you truly are sorry and belive me I am.

I was a completely different person when I drank. Trouble brewed wherever I appeared. Yes, some times were fun and I behaved, but majority of the time I was terrible. I did things I would have never done sober and today I am very ashamed of that list of weird doings.

Beer Was My Downfall

I loved beer. I did drink the hard stuff, but beer was my downfall. I've had many friends leave this earth that were drinkers and I dearly miss them.

Seems the nicest people fall into drinking, I mean nice people, and really screw up their lives -- turning into forms of darkness that somehow make their lives a living hell. When they are sober they are loving wonderful people. Go figure.

God Gave Me a Second Chance

I did not go to AA or get help quitting, I just decided this has to stop. I have not drank for over 10 years and believe me miss it, I don't. I never even think of it any more. God gave me a second chance and I took it. Thank you, Dear God, for being there for me.

Now it's my turn to be there for you. Maybe one person out there will read this, and realize, "Well she did it, so can I." Give life a turn, it will go in the right direction.

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