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Richard T's Recovery Story

I Lived in a Cardboard Box For 17 Years

By Richard T

Updated August 01, 2006

My sober date is Jan. 7, 2000. Prior to that I lived in a cardboard box for the last 17 years. I was 49 when God decided I should get sober.

I never had the desire to stop drinking. I had nothing to gain at the time: no family friends no job skills, never really worked, so there was nothing I could see.

God took the desire to drink from me and blessed me with the desire to learn how to live in this world as a productive usefull person/ to be of maximum service to others.

I came into A.A. got a sponsor began to listen at meetings went through the steps and my life gets better one day at a time. I am currently an honors student at the age of 54 at a community college, have a place to live, and have a driver's liscence for the first time in 30 years.

I sponsor others and move forward one day at a time. As my sponsor says, I just keep showing up.

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