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Roadway Jack's Recovery Story

I Was Arrested 33 Times

By Roadway Jack

Updated January 23, 2007

I drank for 24 years, mostly beer and lots of it. I was a bar drinker, a periodic, black-out drinker.

Always In Trouble

After 15 to 25 bottles of beer I was always trouble. I was drinking to escape, to live in fantasies, to be someone else. And always getting into trouble and getting arrested.

I was a teamster trucker for 35 years. While trying to get a bonded license to carry freight, I found out that I had been arrested 33 times. Just a few bottles of beer.

I Hid the Bottles

Because I drank in the bars, most people who knew me didn't even know I drank. That was how well I hid bottles.

The courts sent me to AA in 1958. I was 20 years old and didn't want it. The courts sent me back again in January 1975. By then I was sick and tired, ready to listen, and asking God for help.

The Obsession Was Lifted

I got another chance, ready to do anything, not looking for another 17-year slip. After meetings, meetings, meetings, listening, willing, praying -- the obsession was lifted.

Nearly 32 years later, I'm still in love with Alcoholics Anonymous, the fellowship, the knowledge I learn daily and helping other alcoholics.

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