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Theresa's Recovery Story

Nothing Mattered to Me Anymore

By Theresa

Updated February 09, 2007

I came into recovery because I got tired of losing all the time. I lost my first set of children and turned around was about to lose my second set. But that's not the reason why I came into recovery. I came because I got sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Running to Get High

That saying was one of the sayings I hated. But it's true. I was always leaving my children alone to make a run to get high. Nothing mattered to me anymore, but my drugs and alcohol.

My son came to me at the age of six and said, "Mommy, do you want something to eat?" I could not even lift my head to say anything to him. Later, he came to my room with a bowl of half cooked shrimp. He just wanted me to eat something. He was always taking care of me.

Time to Do Something

I decided then it was time for me to do something. It was hard, but I did do it one day at time. Now I have three years of one days at a time. My sponsor is a big help and I chose to stay away from my old friends. Thanks to my higher power and AA I am gaining my respect. I am so grateful.

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