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Pregnancy and Drinking

Women who drink while they are pregnant or breastfeeding risk affecting the health of their babies. These articles explain the risks involved and how they can easily be prevented.
  1. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (32)

Fetal Alcohol Exposure Can Cause a Variety of Birth Defects
Mothers who continue to drink while they are pregnant can expose their babies to a wide range of birth defects and developmental problems.

Protect Your Baby With a Home Pregnancy Tests
If it is possible that you could become pregnant, keeping a supply of home pregnancy tests available could significantly improve the health of your newborn.

Home Pregnancy Tests Lead to Healthier Newborns
Having a home pregnancy test handy can lead women to seek prenatal care earlier and stop harmful behaviors - such as smoking and drinking - because they find out they are pregnant sooner, researchers found.

Recovery Coaches Reduce Babies Exposed to Drugs
The use of specially trained case workers, known as recovery coaches, for women who have given birth to substance abuse exposed children can reduce the number of future substance-exposed babies and increase the likelihood that mothers will be reunited with their children removed by child-welfare systems.

Continuing to Party During Pregnancy Can Cause Birth Defects
Continuing a partying lifestyle during pregnancy can have devastating and lifelong effects on children affected by their mothers' drinking and drugging.

Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Ups Risk for Alcohol Abuse
Teens whose mothers drank while they were pregnant are more likely to abuse alcohol because they developed a preference for the taste and smell of alcohol in the womb, according to two published studies conducted with animals.

Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy
Some experts say moderate drinking during pregnancy is okay, but there are others who believe taking even one drink is like playing Russian Roulette with your baby's health.

Drinking While Pregnant and ADHD
Mothers-to-be were given another reason to avoid alcohol during pregnancy by a new study that shows a possible link between drinking and ADHD.

Have a Heart: If Pregnant Don't Drink
Babies whose mothers drink during pregnancy, especially those who drink to excess, may be born with heart defects. Have a heart, don't drink.

Drinking During Pregnancy Increases Preterm Risks
A study of 3,130 pregnant women found that maternal alcohol use during pregnancy can substantially increase the risk for extreme preterm delivery of newborns, a major contributor to perinatal sickness and death.

Many Birth Defects that Cause Learning Disabilities are Preventable
Many birth defects are associated with developmental delays, emotional and behavioral problems, and learning disabilities. Fortunately, many birth defects are preventable, according toe Learning Disabilities Gudie Ann Lodsdon.

Even Moderate Drinking Can Affect Babies' IQ
Even light to moderate drinking by mothers during the second trimester of pregnancy can result in lower IQ scores for their children at age 10, especially for African-American offspring, new research shows.

Women Under 30 More Likely to Drink While Pregnant
Many women under age 30 are drinking at levels that could be harmful to their unborn children and because an estimated 45 percent of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unplanned, their babies may already suffer damage before they discover they are pregnant, researchers warn.

Mothers' Drinking Shrinks Fetal Brain
A study of routine ultrasound examinations of 167 pregnant women shows that heavy drinkers who continue to drink alcohol after learning they are pregnant may carry fetuses with reduced skull and brain growth, compared to mothers who are abstainers or those who quit during pregnancy.

Fetal Alcohol Exposure Affects Key Neural System
In a study of adult monkeys who were exposed to moderate amounts of alcohol in utero, scientists have found that prenatal exposure to alcohol - even in small doses - has pronounced effects on the development and function later in life of the brain's dopamine system, a critical component of the central nervous system that regulates many regions of the brain.

Drinking While Pregnant Increases Newborn Infection Risks
Mothers who reported alcohol use, excessive drinking or smoking in pregnancy were more likely to have a newborn diagnosed with an infection than were mothers who reported abstaining from alcohol or cigarettes.

Study Reveals Drug Use During Pregnancy
More than four percent of pregnant women ages 15 to 44 used illicit drugs during the past month and pregnant women ages 15 to 25 were more likely to use illicit drugs than pregnant women ages 26 to 44.

U.S. Surgeon General: Don't Drink While Pregnant
U.S. Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona warned pregnant women and women who may become pregnant to abstain from alcohol consumption in order to eliminate the chance of giving birth to a baby with any of the harmful effects of the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.

Marijuana Use May Cause Tubal Pregnancies
Marijuana use may increase the risk of ectopic (tubal) pregnancies, researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center reported.

Depression, Alchol Abuse Can Linger After Pregnancy
Women who experience depression, binge drink, or smoke at any point during their pregnancy may be at risk for depression and alcohol use during their first postpartum year.

Even Light Drinking While Pregnant Can Be Harmful
Research has found that even light to moderate drinking during pregnancy may interfere with learning and memory during adolescence.

Infants Show Affects of Mom's Drinkingv
An innovative new study of six-month-old infants whose mothers drank during pregnancy indicate that slower processing speeds and arousal-regulation problems exist as early as infancy.

Fetal Abuse Case
Appeals Court rules that woman who tried to drink her unborn baby to death was not guilty of any crime, prompting new laws to be written.

Painkillers Increase Risk of Miscarriage
Women who take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or aspirin during pregnancy increase their risk of miscarriage by 80 percent, according to a California study.

Pregnancy Resources
Find a wealth of information and resources about pregnancy at the About.com Pregnancy site, from your Guide Robin Weiss.

Small Amounts of Alcohol May Damage Fetal Brain
Brief exposure to small amounts of alcohol or anesthetic drugs can trigger nerve cell death in the developing brain, according to research reported at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Textbooks Ignore Alcohol Threat
Most of the textbooks used to teach doctors who treat pregnant women still condone drinking during pregnancy even though health officials have been recommending no alcohol consumption while pregnant for more than a decade.

Alcohol May Harm Thyroid Function in Mother, Fetus
Alcohol consumption changes thyroid function and reduces the levels of thyroid hormone in both the mother and fetus, suggesting links between thyroid function and alcohol-related birth defects.

Childhood Asthma Not Linked to Mother's Drinking
A study examined if those children born to mothers who consume alcohol during pregnancy have a greater risk of hospitalization for asthma and found no causal link between alcohol consumption during pregnancy and asthma during childhood.

'Cocaine Mom' Law
The new laws in some states protecting unborn children apply to both drug addicts and alcoholics..

Court Lets Stand 'Crack Mom' Conviction
The U.S. Supreme Court has let stand the homicide conviction of a South Carolina woman who was found guilty of killing her unborn child by continuing to smoke crack cocaine while she was pregnant.

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