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Sex and Alcohol

Alcohol plays a role for many in our culture in their sexual releationships, but drinking can cause a variety of negative sexual effects on both men and women.

Using Alcohol, Drugs to Enhance Sex -- A Dangerous Practice
Club-going teens and adolescents who deliberately use alcohol and drugs to increase their chances of having sex, or to enhance sexual arousal, many times end up having unsafe sex or sex they later regret having.

Alcohol and Sex
The actual sexual effects of alcohol are complicated, and there are many serious negative sexual consequences of drinking too much and drinking too often, according to Sexuality Guide Cory Silverberg.

Alcohol and Risky Sex
Drinking alcohol can lead to increased risky sexual behavior, such as not using protection against disease, or having sex that you later regret.

Sexual Effects of Alcohol for Women
Not surprisingly, the amount of alcohol consumed has a large impact on whether there will be negative sexual effects of alcohol for women, says Sexuality Guide Cory Silverberg.

Sexual Effects of Alcohol for Men
Both the physical and social differences in the way men and women react to alcohol account for the resulting sexual effects of drinking alcohol. For men, the more they drink, the greater the negative effects.

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