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Resources and tools for people working a 12 step program of recovery.
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A Study of the Twelve Steps
Not merely a way to stop drinking, these steps can also be a guide toward an entire new way of life.

A Study of the Twelve Traditions
The Twelve Traditions contain the spiritual principles that keep 12 step support groups focused on their primary purpose.

Top 9 Recovery Videos
These movies look at recovery options available to those who are trying to overcome alcoholism as well as others affected by their drinking.

Top 6 More Recovery Books
These are more recently published recovery-related books that many have found to be helpful and informative.

Step 9 Experience - How Did Step 9 Help in Your Recovery?
Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

A Study of Step 1
After many years of denial, recovery can begin when with one simple admission of being powerless over alcohol -- for alcoholics and their friends and family.

A Study of Step 2
It seems to be a spiritual truth, that before a higher power can begin to operate, one must first believe that it can.

A Study of Step 3
A lifetime of self-will run riot can come to a screeching halt, and change forever, by making a simple decision to turn it all over to a higher power.

A Study of Step 4
There is a saying in the 12-step programs that recovery is a process, not an event. The same can be said for Step 4.

A Study of Step 5
Probably the most difficult of all the steps to face, Step 5 is also the one that provides the greatest opportunity for growth

A Study of Step 6
After identifying shortcomings and admitting to them by working Step 4 and 5, the next step forces members of 12-step recovery groups to ask themselves if they are really willing to give up some of those faults.

A Study of Step 7
The spiritual focus of Step 7 is humility, asking a higher power to do something that cannot be done by self-will or mere determination.

A Study of Step 8
Making a list of those harmed before coming into recovery may sound simple. It's becoming willing to actually make those admends that is the difficult part

A Study of Step 9
Making amends may seem like a bitter pill to swallow, but for those serious about recovery it can be good medicine for the spirit and soul.

A Study of Step 10
Step 10 may be one of the least popular of all the 12 steps, because it is simply no fun to be wrong and then have to admit it.

A Study of Step 11
The purpose of Step 11 is to discover the plan God as you understand Him, has for your life and find the power to carry it out.

A Study of Step 12
For those in recovery programs, practicing Step 12 is simply how it works

A Study of Tradition 1
Without unity within the group, members of 12 step support groups will find it difficult to make progress.

A Study of Tradition 2
Group decisions are just that, group decisions. After a discussion of all aspects of a given situation, including the minority opinion, the group votes on the issue and an agreement is reached with the majority vote.

A Study of Tradition 3
Although the qualifications for membership in 12 step support groups is specifically defined, generally it is the individual members themselves that decide if the belong to the group.

A Study of Tradition 4
Each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or A.A. or Al-Anon as a whole.

A Study of Tradition 5
The primary purpose of any 12 step group is to carry its message and give comfort to others who are still suffering.

A Study of Tradition 6
In order to preserve the integrity of the program and maintain their primary spiritual aim, 12 step support groups do not endorse any outside organizations and causes.

A Study of Tradition 7
By being self-supporting and declining outside contributions, 12 step groups protect the fellowship structure and basic spiritual foundations.

A Study of Tradition 8
There is a saying in the 12 step groups, In order to keep it, you must give it away

A Study of Tradition 9
By not being highly organized, 12 step groups keep the emphasis on true fellowship and the focus on their primary purpose.

A Study of Tradition 10
By not expressing opinions on outside issues, 12 step groups hope to avoid controversy, both publically and within the fellowship itself.

A Study of Tradition 11
When dealing with the media, the traditions of the 12 step programs request that members maintain anonymity, not so much for their protection, but for the good of the fellowship as a whole.

A Study of Tradition 12
A hallmark of 12 step recovery programs is the offer of anonymity to participants, but the principle goes much deeper than just not revealing last names.

Sponsorship: Not a Lifetime Contract
Author Anne Wayman looks at the sponsorship relationship and how it is and is not supposed to work.

Who is 'Ready' for Step 4?
There is an attitude among some 12 Step support group members that newcomers have 'to be ready' to work the steps, but that is not what the founders had in mind.

Where Did The 12 Steps Come From?
"In the last analysis, perhaps nobody knows. Yet some of the events which led to their formulation are as clear to me as though they took place yesterday," Bill W. wrote.

Traditions Check List
A great group inventory or meeting discussion-starter for 12-step groups.

4th Step Inventory Guide
A complete guide to doing the 4th Step suitable for any 12-step program.

Deaf Resources
Deaf and hard of hearing AA 12 step recovery resources, including access information.

Gratitude List
A lack of gratitude can lead to Self-destructive behavior, consumed with envy, lethargy, sloth, lack of creativity and reduced motivation.

What is Spirituality?
Many people are perplexed about the term spirituality and have trouble understanding just what the term means and how it's important in recovery.

Taming Your Turbulant Past
A recovery book by Gayle Rosellini & Mark Worden is now free online.

The Original 6 Steps
The original six steps of Alcoholics Anonymous handwritten by Bill W., from The Jaywalker site.

Signs of a Spiritual Awakening
A tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than from fears based on past experience.

What exactly is a "sponsor" in Alcoholics Anonymous? This article from the Primary Purpose Group explains the background of how the practice began.

Twelve Qualities of Sponsorship
I will be with you and "hang in there" with you so long as I continue to get even the slightest hint that you are still trying to grow.

Group Inventory
A printable form to use for an Alcoholics Anonymous group inventory, from The Jaywalker web site. In PDF format.

Achieving Excellence in Recovery
Now that you're sober and free to explore, grow, and develop, the first step to achieving excellence is admitting you are not powerless in your quest to be the best you can be.

Sluggers Path
The SlugSystem is a new and easily understood description of the recovery process, designed to provide a focus to recovery and prevention efforts for professionals and the addict.

January Thoughts of the Day
Read an inspirational recovery thought for each day of the year at the About.com Alcoholism / Substance Abuse site.

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