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Elve Shares Her Experience With Step 1

I Was Living a Crazy Life

By Elve

Updated February 09, 2014

Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup

I had a difficult time admitting to being powerless, from my viewpoint and others like me, there is a feeling of having power, we are the ones that clean up the mess, who are responsible. We make things work and therein lies our "sickness".

I had to admit and still do, that on my best day, I could do nothing about my loved-one's drinking. I could only change myself, learn to be a better person by applying the steps to my life directly.

Admitting is no easy task, yet, it took the burden away. I could let someone else know that these thing were happening, and that I was living a crazy life in which I accepted crazy things.

And you know, through fellowship of people at all different levels of understanding, I found that I was not alone.

Admitting is the first step, seeing the insanity is the second, seeking God as we know him and letting go of the illusion of power. That's what I have done in step one.

Thank you for being there. Love you all,

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