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A Study of Step 2

The 12 Steps of A.A. and Al-Anon


Updated February 11, 2014

Many who suffer from the family disease of alcoholism find hope again once they place their faith in a power greater than themselves.

Step 2
Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
Many members of Alcoholics Anonymous or Al-Anon Family Groups come into the program with a strong faith in God, and with the encouragement of other members of the fellowship soon learn to apply that faith to the situations in their lives created by alcoholism.

With the wisdom provided by the program, the friendship and support of other members, the healing process begins with the help of a loving God, as they understand him.

Others who are introduced to the 12 step programs are agnostics or atheists, who reject the concept of a deity. Many are turned off by even the mention of the word "God" and some bristle at even hints of anything spiritual. But as it says in the book, Alcoholics Anonymous, in the chapter entitled We Agnostics, "we beg you to lay aside prejudice..." and give the program a chance.

The 12 step programs are spiritual not religious -- there is no mention of religious beliefs, doctrine, or dogma. Members are not required to accept someone else's concept of God, only to trust that there is a power "greater than themselves" however they wish to describe it or understand it.

It seems to be a spiritual truth, that before a higher power can begin to operate, one must first believe that it can. You have to believe it, to receive it! Millions of program members through the years, who finally "came to believe" have found themselves amazed to find that power at work in their lives in miraculous ways.

Visitors to the bulletin board here at the Alcoholism site have shared their experience, strength, and hope about their spiritual journey in recovery, as our study of the 12 Traditions and 12 Steps continues:

More about Step 2

New Way of Living
"Slowly I found that the God in my religion has a special face he shows only to drunks and I found Him in the rooms of AA."

"I saw that my insanity was in my drinking alcohol, believing that with each new episode it would be different."

God at Work
"Until that moment, I had always resented God for butting in where He wasn't wanted."

A Christian's View
"My suggestion to newcomers is the same that I received: put your beliefs or unbelief on hold, and give the whole program a chance."

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