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Drug Abuse Frequently Asked Questions for Teens

Questions frequently asked by teenagers about drug abuse and addiction.

Even Occasional Drug Use Can Be Dangerous
One misconception connected to the increase in drug abuse by teens is that using drugs is safe as long as you only do it every once in a while.

Myth: Teens Get Prescription Drugs From Street Dealers
One myth surrounding the growing trend of teens abusing prescription drugs is that they get them from drug dealers.

Not Everyone Is Getting High
One reason teens decide to start smoking marijuana, doing drugs or drinking alcohol is because they think that everyone is doing it.

Using Drugs Without a Prescription Is Illegal
You may have heard that unlike underage drinking and marijuana use, using and sharing prescription drugs is legal.

Prescription Drugs Are Safer Is a Teen Myth
If you are a teenager, chances are you have heard friends suggest that taking prescription medications is safer than using illegal drugs.

What is Detox?
Detoxification is the process of allowing the body to rid itself of a drug while managing the symptoms of withdrawal.

What is Withdrawal?
Withdrawal is the variety of symptoms that occur after use of some drugs are reduced or stopped.

What is Drug Addiction?
It is characterized by compulsive, at times uncontrollable, drug craving, seeking, and use that persist even in the face of extremely negative consequences.

How Quickly Can I Become Addicted?
If and how quickly you might become addicted to a drug depends on many factors including your genes and the biology of your body.

What Are the Physical Signs of Addiction?
The physical signs of abuse or addiction can vary depending on the person and the drug being abused.

Marijuana - FAQs for Teens
These questions compiled by the National Institute on Drug Abuse are the most asked by teens concerning marijuana.

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