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Low-Carb Snacks

Domestic Abuse Screening Quiz

One Family's Story
This unfortunately is a true story about how many lives one alcoholic can affect, and how alcoholism can spiral into a full-fledged family disease.

Alcohol and Marital Violence
Couples who argue a lot during their first year of marriage are more likely to have violence erupt in later years if the husband is a heavy drinker.

Domestic Abuse and Alcohol
Statistics seem to indicate a connection between alcohol and drug abuse and domestic violence but others question the cause-and-effect relationship.

Why Do They Do It?
Whether alcohol and drug abuse is a factor or not domestic violence and abuse is a very serious problem -- for the victims and the abusers.

Drinking Increases Physical Abuse
Men who drink alcohol and have a predisposition for physical violence toward their female partners are more likely to be violent on the days they drink alcohol.

I Got Flowers Today
A brief history of domestic abuse which for many is an all too familiar story.

Help for Victims
For those locked into an abusive relationship getting help is not always as simple as just leaving in fact it could be dangerous.

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