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Choices of Fresno CA

Substance Abuse Services


Updated February 03, 2014

A Road to Recovery
P.O. Box 3207
Pinedale CA 93650
2634 North Blackstone Avenue
Fresno CA 93703
(559) 229-3737
(559) 442-3733
(559) 842-6842

Primary Focus: Substance abuse treatment services

Services Provided: Substance abuse treatment

Type of Care: Outpatient

Special Programs/Groups: Adolescents, women

Forms of Payment Accepted: Self payment, Medicaid

Special Language Services: Spanish

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If you are in need of immediate medical care, we encourage you to visit your nearest emergency room.

We largely depend on updates from center personnel. If you would like to report a change to the information on this page, please fill out this form.

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