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Sober Vacations and Retreats

Vacation and travel opportunties for people who are in recovery from alcoholism or addictions.

Rancho de Caldera
An environmentally friendly boutique resort catering to those who want an extraordinary, healthy and sober getaway. Located in the mountains of western Panama.

Sober Travel Vacations
Alcohol-free vacations for health conscious people who crave adventure one day at a time.

Sober Vacations International
Sober Vacations.com is a travel agency that specializes in travel and vacations for people in recovery.

The Yoga of Recovery Retreats
These retreats integrate the wisdom of yoga, Ayurveda and meditation with the tools of 12 Step recovery. They are open to everyone, although especially beneficial to 12 step members and those overcoming addiction and self-destructive behaviors.

The Wilson House
The Wilson House is the Birthplace of Bill W., the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, and is meant to be a living memorial.

Stepping Stones
When Lois and Bill Wilson moved to Stepping Stones in 1941, they began a tradition of opening their home to friends and visitors from all over the world.

Dr. Bob's Home
Take a virtual tour of the Akron, OH home where Alcoholics Anonymous got its start.

"The Retreat"
Held at St. Leo, FL, "The Retreat" was established in 1965 by Fr. Joe and members of A. A. & Al-Anon.

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