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Reader Stories: How I Carried Out an Intervention


Updated September 22, 2012

When someone who has a serious problem with alcohol or drugs denies that they have a problem or denies that their behavior is effecting anyone else, sometimes confronting the person in a process known as an intervention will break through the denial. But that's not always the case. Sometimes the intervention can backfire, making the situation worse.

Don't Try an Intervention Alone

We have no money for professional help and I decided to do it myself. I took away his cell phone so he couldn't contact his friends and when they came by I ran them off. I removed the coil wire on hi…More

Intervention Above and Beyond Our Expectations

The intervention went beautifully. We had spent much time in preparation and had rehearsed various outcomes with the professional interventionist. My husband quietly listened to all of our letters, t…More

An 'Intervention' Done in Anger

I go online and read AA stuff. I keep a journal of what sets me off, to make me want to drink. I know that once I get started, it is very difficult to quit. I think a lot of my problem is my environm…More

Intervention With Dad Was a Disaster

I called my Dad's brother to help me and he flew down. I went with my Uncle and letters from each of his siblings and from my brother and sister and the simple plan was to take a moment to read them …More

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