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Recovery Is Hard Work

Share Your Story: Share Your Personal Recovery Story

By Jessie

Updated May 02, 2012

What It Was Like

Some or a lot of us know how alcohol or drugs progress. I started off with just beer drinking in my teen into my 20s. Later on it was different mixers of booze. I first entered into rehab about into my late 30s due to a abusive relationship thinking that would help.

I managed to have some tools sink in. I lasted seven months then was back to drinking for few more years.Not really knowing you are going to start where you left off. So it got back to heavy drinking until I felt I had no spirit left in me, my eyes looked dead and I felt dead inside.So once again I phoned to get into rehab. Again lasted seven month clean.

What Happened?

The last one was a five-month binge. I fought hard with that bottle in those five months, it would win every time. Once again I picked up that phone and ask to be brought to detox.

I stayed away from my community until I felt strong enough to be able to say no to my drinking buddies and myself, which was two months. I am now going on eight years clean time and moving forward and still going strong.

Lessons Learned

  • Right now I have a very busy lifestyle, I have earned the respect of my community and have been been elected band council going on my third term, as well I am a Drug and Alcohol Counselor part time and language co-ordinator part time. I see things clearly and very focus as to what is happening around me.
  • Yes it is tiring, but the good kind. I am still working on myself, I still have a lot of issues, but will do it in the healthy way, not drown it in booze. One day at a time.
  • It is hard work but you do come out smiling.

Buddy T, About.com Alcoholism, says:

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